Best Things To Do In Chicago

10 Things To Do In Chicago

Chicago is famous for its fantastic museums, cool shopping areas, lively neighborhoods, and fun nightlife. Chicago is a big city with 77 neighborhoods, lots of festivals, a big waterfront, and pretty parks and paths everywhere. There’s something for everyone here

10 Things To Do In Chicago To Explore

There are a lot of things to do in Chicago for adults. We put together the 10 Things To Do In Chicago For Adults. Let’s get started.

1. Enjoy Free Theaters At Millennium Park – Things to do in Chicago with kids

Millennium Park

Millennium Park is the best place for adults to enjoy. Millennium Park is special for its iconic public art, outdoor spaces, and diverse attractions, including the famous Cloud Gate sculpture (The Bean), the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Lurie Garden, and interactive installations.

Moreover, It’s a cultural hub with free events, offering a unique blend of art, nature, and entertainment in the heart of Chicago.

The Millennium Park has one of the biggest sculptures in the world, the Cloud Gate statue, which some people call “the Bean.” Other best places in Millennium Park are the Jay Pritzker Pavilion and the Great Lawn. It is a special outdoor stage with amazing steel ribbons and curving plates. This space makes a theater with a cool sound system. You can sit down or stretch out on the big lawn and enjoy free events at Millennium Park.

The Millennium Park has a fantastic garden namely, Lurie Garden. It’s a very calm and peaceful space in the busy downtown area of the United States. In every season, there are lots of different native flowers and bulbs, which makes the garden a nice home for animals, birds, and bugs.

All in all, the  Millennium Park is generally free to enter. However, some events and attractions within the park may have admission fees.

2. Experience Panoramic Views at the 360 Chicago Deck

360 Chicago Deck

The 360 Chicago Observation Deck, which is on the John Hancock Center’s 94th floor and provides a perfect view of just about every skyscraper in this crowded city (and Willis Tower) as well as lovely Lake Michigan beyond), seems to be where everything comes together.

Moreover, A 1,030-foot high observation platform views all four surrounding states (Indians, Illinois, and Wisconsin).

At last, Feel the thrill of stepping out onto the tilting platform TILT, and stay a while at the bar to enjoy the sunset. It’s a good experience for adults.

3. Spend the Evening at Navy Pier

Navy Pier

Navy Pier is an iconic lakefront destination in Chicago. It offers a captivating blend of renowned restaurants, shopping opportunities, boat tours, and an unparalleled view of Lake Michigan. It compromises a lot for adults.

Here, you can immerse yourself in a virtual gallery by donning a VR headset. For breathtaking views of the real world, hop aboard the Centennial Wheel, reaching a height of 200 feet and offering commanding vistas of the skyline.

Moreover, you can enjoy a mix of entertainment, dining, and breathtaking views of Lake Michigan. Ride the Ferris wheel, explore the Chicago Children’s Museum, or catch a live performance at the Shakespeare Theater.

Navy Pier is not only a hub for entertainment but also a starting point for numerous walking tours and a primary departure point for cruises. The Explorer Pass enhances your experience by granting access to Navy Pier’s attractions and an additional 25 attractions and activities throughout Chicago.

4. Experience Wildlife at Lincoln Park Zoo – Best free things to do in Chicago

Lincoln Park Zoo

You can enjoy the charm of Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the country’s oldest parks and Zoo. You can spend a relaxing day surrounded by a diverse array of animals, including amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, and more, showcasing a spectrum of shapes, sizes, colors, and origins.

Beyond the captivating wildlife, the zoo offers a splendid natural escape in the heart of the urban jungle. When the weather is warm, North Avenue Beach becomes an ideal spot for activities such as swimming, watersports, and yoga sessions, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit.

Entry is free for Lincoln Park Zoo. This is the perfect place for adults and even for your whole family. Before going to visit just be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you explore the fascinating world of Lincoln Park Zoo and its surrounding attractions.

5. Enjoy Indoor Skydiving – Famous places to visit in Chicago

Indoor Skydiving in chicago

Chicago offers the best indoor skydiving. If you want to skydive but the idea of an airplane makes you nervous,  iFLY Chicago presents an ideal solution for you. It is situated in Chicago-Lincoln Park, this exhilarating activity offers the sensation of wind in your face without the accompanying nerves. In addition to this, this experience is a more affordable alternative to traditional skydiving and the perfect stepping stone for those considering the real thing.

6. Dance the night away clubbing – Best place to visit for adult

night away clubbing in chicago

Chicago offers hundreds of bars and clubs adorning the city streets. You can dance the whole night and have fun with your loved ones the whole night. Choosing which club or bar is suitable for you can be difficult, but making sure night clubbing cannot be a wrong decision in Chicago.

Marvel at performances by world-famous DJs in the vibrant atmosphere of Smartbar, where house and electro beats create an energetic mix. For a high-profile experience frequented by celebrities, venture to The Underground.

Alternatively, revel in a more relaxed and sophisticated night at the Green Mill Cocktail Lounge. Wherever your night leads you, Chicago’s nightlife is bound to leave a lasting impression.

7. Enjoy the winter with Ice Skating – Best places to visit in Chicago with family

Ice Skating in chicago

Winter can be good in Chicago as it offers a lot of spaces for Ice Skating. There are 17 Best Ice Skating rinks in Chicago which are as follows:

1. Maggie Daley Park: Undoubtedly one of the city’s most sought-after skating spots, the Maggie Daley Skating Ribbon offers a quarter-mile, winding loop through the north side of Millennium Park. Opening for the season on November 17, admission ranges from $16 to $22, covering skate rental fees. Entry is free on weekdays if you bring your skates, with a $5 charge on the weekends.

  • Skate rentals: $16 online/$18 walk-up on weekdays, $20 online/$22 walk-up on weekends (admission is included in the price

2. McCormick Tribune Ice Rink: Millennium Park stands as one of the city’s most beloved destinations, and not even the winter cold deters visitors. Annually, from November through March, the park’s McCormick Tribune Plaza transforms into an ice rink, attracting over 100,000 skaters each year. While the rink itself is free, there is a fee for skate rentals.

  • Skate rentals: $13 weekdays/$15 weekends

3. Winterland at Gallagher Way: While you may not have the opportunity to throw a pitch at Wrigley Field, you can embrace the winter spirit by lacing up your skates and hitting the ice inside the iconic baseball field.

Winterland at Gallagher Way, the annual holiday experience featuring attractions like Christkindlmarket Wrigleyville, is returning inside the ballpark for the 2023 season. This includes the 12,000-square-foot Gallagher Ice Rink.

Rent a pair of skates to glide across the ice, explore on-field games, carnival rides, and a miniature train, or secure tickets for a ride on the rink’s ice bumper cars.

  • Admission: $5 for adults to access Wrigley Field, free for children ages 2 and younger. $12 rink access
  • Skate rentals: $20 for rink access and skate rentals

4. Navy Pier: The Navy Pier is bringing back its winter event, Light Up The Lake, for another year. Skaters can enjoy gliding across an outdoor rink with the stunning backdrop of Lake Michigan. Skating is complimentary if you bring your skates.

  • Skate rentals: $15-$20

5. The Peninsula Sky Rink: Situated on the terrace of The Peninsula Chicago, the 2,100-square-foot Sky Rink provides an enchanting ice skating experience against the backdrop of the city’s tallest buildings, with views overlooking Michigan Avenue.

Showcase your skating prowess in a winter wonderland with snowflake lighting and festive music. When it’s time to warm up, indulge in a hot drink and snack at the Chalet.

  • Skate rentals: $20 for adults, $10 for children 12 and under

6. Fifth Third Arena: If you’ve ever dreamt of gliding on the same ice as the Chicago Blackhawks, you’re in luck. Fifth Third Arena, located just a few blocks from the United Center, serves as the NHL team’s practice facility and provides public skating sessions almost every day. The arena is also home to adult and youth hockey leagues and is available for rental for birthday parties or special events.

  • Skate rentals: $5

7. Wentworth Park: If you’re interested in watching planes take off from Midway while you skate, Wentworth Park, situated just west of Chicago’s South Side airport, features a skating rink open to guests five days a week.

  • Skate rentals: $7

8. Mt. Greenwood Park: Located in the Mt. Greenwood neighborhood, not far from the Beverly Arts Center, this ice rink offers skating programs, and open skate times, and provides a limited number of walkers for those who are in the early stages of learning to skate.

  • Skate rentals: $7

9. Midway Plaisance Park: In 1893, during the World’s Columbian Exposition, Midway Plaisance Park was adorned with amusement park rides and attractions. Today, the park functions as a link between Jackson and Washington Park, featuring a substantial ice rink.

  • Skate rentals: $7

10. McKinley Park: It was originally built on a horse racing track but later evolved into green space for Brighton Park and Back of the Yards residents. The park’s ice rink is conveniently located near the intersection of Western Boulevard and West Pershing Road.

  • Skate rentals: $7

11. Warren Park: The largest public park on the Far North Side of the city, spacious enough to accommodate its ice rink.

  • Skate rentals: $7

12. Morgan Park Sports Center: It is located on the far Southwest Side, this Chicago Park District facility features a year-round NHL-sized indoor ice rink that offers programs in hockey and figure skating, along with weekend open skate sessions. Additionally, the facility includes a gymnastics center and a fitness center offering cardio and yoga classes.

  • Open skate: $5 teens/adults, $4 kids, $2 senior citizens
  • Skate rentals: $3

13. McFetridge Sports Center: It is situated in Irving Park, the McFetridge Sports Center consistently hosts competitive and recreational programs for ice skating, hockey, and tennis, in addition to special events. Daily open skate sessions are offered at specific hours, so make sure to review the schedule before your visit.

  • Open skate: $5 adults/teens, $4 children
  • Skate rentals: $3

14. Parkway Bank Park: It can provide both indoor and outdoor skating facilities. You can enjoy weekend ice skating until December 21, followed by daily access from December 22 through January 8, including holidays. The free-to-access rink will also be open on Martin Luther King Day and the last two Sundays of January.

  • Skate rentals: $8

15. Franklin Park Ice Arena: This can be considered as the best ice skaters for passionate. The Franklin Park Ice Arena in nearby suburban Franklin Park provides season passes at $50 for residents and $95 for non-residents. The ice arena allows pass holders to enjoy public skating every day, with twice-daily sessions on Wednesdays and Saturdays, all for a fee of $7.

  • Skate rentals: $3

16. American Heartland Ice Arena: The American Heartland Ice Arena is available every day. The admission fee for public skating is $11 for adults and $9 for children, seniors, and veterans.

  • Skate rentals: $5

17. Skatium Ice Arena: It is an indoor facility and offers outdoor skating during the winter. You can enjoy ice skating on weekends.

  • Skate rentals: $3

8. Explore Public Art at the Field Museum Of Natural History

Public Art at the Field Museum Of Natural History

Chicago is known for its innovative architecture, home to iconic structures like the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) and the John Hancock Center, showcasing the city’s influence on modern skyscraper design.

Frequently lauded as one of the world’s leading natural history museums, this Chicago landmark boasts more than 40 million artifacts with millions of visitors a year.

The museum covers vast distances and spans 4.6 billion years of natural history in rich immersive displays. There are also special sections about ancient Egypt, China’s Qing Dynasty history and culture, dinosaurs, and many other topics.

9. Cheer for Your Favorite Team at a Chicago Sports Game

Be there, feel the exhilaration of being a fan at one of Chicago’s big sporting events and you will come face-to-face with the electrifying power of British-style sports culture in America.

Chicago has a glorious sporting tradition and is the home of baseball’s Cubs and White Sox, as well as that behemoth in the hard drive Bulls (NBA), Bears (NFL) Blackhawks.

There is a team schedule for baseball, so make sure to purchase tickets before leaving. You can soak in the pre-game activities. After the match kicks off, enjoy every minute of competition from victory shouts to nail-biters as players take center stage on the field or court.

10. Satisfy your plate with deep pizza and street food – Beautiful places to visit in Chicago

best pizza food places in chicago

Besides the well-known Chicago deep-dish pizza, don’t forget to treat yourself to a few of the city’s other specialities as you walk around.

Treat your taste buds to Chicago-style hot dogs, tasty dipped Italian beef sandwiches, and a piece of the classic deep-dish pizza. Sweets from tea sellers, confectioners ’ shops as well as bakeries are sure to please one and all.

Take walking tours that have been developed by locals to lead you away from the tourist traps and chain restaurants. In contrast, you just tag along with guides who are familiar with these local treasures and can show visitors to the doorsteps of beloved (and truly authentic) neighborhood spots.

What to Wear in Chicago in Winter?

Chicago’s winter can be quite cold, with temperatures often dropping below freezing. When planning what to wear in Chicago during winter, it’s essential to prioritize warmth and protection against the wind.

  • Layering clothes for outdoor programs is efficient, as one can take off excess clothes once they are indoors.
  • It’s preferential to wear thermals if you plan to stay outside for an extended period.
  • Padded outerwear
  • Woollen clothes are not suitable to wear on rainy days because they become heavy when they get wet.
  • You can keep yourself warm by wearing a hat, gloves, and scarf.
  • If you consider wearing pantyhose under your pants, your socks will stay put.
  • In winter it’s best to wear boots that are comfortable and waterproof so that you can walk comfortably.
  • Sunshades for winter glare
  • Tote bags for shopping


Why is Chicago a tourist attraction?

Chicago is a tourist attraction for its iconic architecture, vibrant arts scene, diverse culinary offerings, renowned museums like the Art Institute of Chicago, and cultural events such as the Chicago Jazz Festival and Taste of Chicago. The city’s scenic waterfront, including Lake Michigan and Millennium Park, adds to its appeal.

Is Chicago a romantic city?

Yes, Chicago is often considered a romantic city, with its iconic skyline, scenic lakefront, and vibrant cultural scene providing a charming backdrop for couples.

What is the #1 tourist attraction in Chicago?

The #1 tourist attraction in Chicago is Millennium Park, renowned for its iconic Cloud Gate sculpture (“The Bean”), stunning architecture, lush gardens, and vibrant cultural events.

Do you need a car in Chicago?

In Chicago, owning a car is not essential, especially if you primarily stay within the city. The city offers an extensive public transportation system, including buses and trains, making navigating convenient. Additionally, taxis, rideshare services, and walking are practical options, depending on your location and preferences.

How many days do you need to see Chicago?

To thoroughly explore Chicago’s main attractions and immerse yourself in its rich culture, plan on spending at least 3 to 4 days. This timeframe allows time for iconic sites like Millennium Park, the Art Institute, Navy Pier, diverse neighborhoods, and perhaps even a day trip to the nearby attractions.

What is Chicago so famous for?

Chicago is a famous city in the US. Chicago is famous for its architecture, deep-dish pizza, jazz and blues music, sports teams (like the Chicago Bulls and Chicago Cubs), iconic skyline, and cultural attractions such as Millennium Park and the Art Institute of Chicago.

Why is Chicago worth visiting?

Chicago is worth visiting for its iconic architecture, vibrant arts scene, deep-rooted musical heritage, diverse culinary offerings (including the famous deep-dish pizza), and the picturesque Lake Michigan shoreline. The city’s rich cultural attractions, friendly atmosphere, and dynamic urban energy make it a compelling destination for travellers.

What is unique about Chicago?

Chicago is unique for its groundbreaking architecture, including the invention of the skyscraper. It’s a cultural hub with a significant impact on music (blues and jazz), and it boasts diverse culinary creations, notably the iconic deep-dish pizza. The city’s resilience and innovative spirit reflected in its history and skyline, contribute to its distinct character.

Final Thoughts:

In sum, Chicago provides a rich variety of activities that are both culturally rewarding and urban exciting. The city provides modern and traditional architecture, that makes it vibrant. Chicago has both cultural richness and urban excitement and allows a variety of friendly things to do.



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