Romantic things to do in Denver in winter

Romantic things to do in Denver in winter

Romantic things to do in Denver in winter: Denver is also known as the Mile High City which is a romantic spot. Therefore, the beautiful Rocky Mountains and sunsets are just amazing. There’s so much for couples to enjoy together.

If you like cooking, try Cook Street School of Culinary Arts for date-night cooking classes. And if anyone loves being outdoors, the Washington Park, City Park and Denver Botanic Gardens are perfect for walks, boat rides and stunning sunsets. Moreover, if you want to feel extra special then the Woodhouse Day Spa has fancy treatments for couples.

Romantic things to do in Denver in winter

If you enjoy wine then you should check out Balistreri Vineyards just a short 10-minute drive from downtown Denver. They do wine tastings in a beautiful place which is great for a wedding or proposal. And if you just want a simple walk for some shopping or a cozy spot for creative cocktails, LoDo and Union Station are awesome.

Romantic things to do in Denver in winter

Overall, Denver has something for every romantic mood. So, according to your likes, there are many options in this article for Romantic things to do in Denver in winter. Further, you can do any of it while traveling to Denver in winter.

1- Dog Mushing

Dog Mushing in Denver in Winter

The allure of dog mushing unfolds in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. In the first place, go cross the terrains of Leadville, Breckenridge, Durango and Steamboat Springs because each bears its unique charm.

Moreover, Here I want to tell you that prices vary because it offers an array from $85 to $400 to ensure an adventure according to your desires. Next, you can revel in the companionship of these delightful canines, immersing yourself in the serenity of Colorado’s mountains while wrapped in the warmth of a blanket.


2- Denver Zoo Lights

Denver Zoo Lights

The Denver Zoo transforms into a luminous spectacle from December 1 to 31, 5:30-9 p.m. So, this is also a place where you can venture into a winter wonderland complete with illuminated animal sculptures and nightly activities.

3- Denver Botanic Gardens: Blossoms of Light

3- Denver Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light

Denver is a beautiful place that is surrounded by the enchanting Botanic Gardens that immerse you in the ethereal Blossoms of Light display. So, you can also have interactive light exhibits and sound-reactive LED lights that captivate visitors in a mesmerizing winter journey.

4- Skyline Ice Rink

Skyline Ice Rink

Besides, you can stay under the open sky at Denver’s Skyline Park. Because this is a charming place which is situated in the heart of downtown. So, it is recommended that you visit that place because this outdoor ice rink offers a post-dinner delight which is also surrounded by the ambiance of 16th Street Mall.

5- A Night at the Comedy Works

A Night at the Comedy Works

This is the spot where you can visit in winter because it is best as one of the winter date night ideas in Denver on a budget. So, you can visit on laughter-filled evenings at 1226 15th St., Denver, or 5345 Landmark Pl, Greenwood Village.

Furthermore, it is starting at 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m., Here, you can be able to see comedy works host a lineup of talented comedians by offering tickets at an average of $14 per person. Lastly, upcoming acts featuring Nick Guerra, Dan Cummins, Josh Blue and more will ensure an evening of mirth and amusement.

6- Theatrical Spectacle

Theatrical Spectacle

You can also step into the captivating world of theater at various venues around Denver. The Denver Center for the Performing Arts presents an array of plays and musicals from Elf the Musical to the renowned Hamilton. Tickets start at $25 per person, offering a delightful surprise for your partner.

7- Couples Cooking Class

Couples Cooking Class in denver (1)

At the same time, you can immerse yourselves in a culinary journey at 999 Jasmine St. Suite 100. On January 19, from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., partake in a couples cooking class presented by The Seasoned Chef. Particularly, you can learn the art of crafting butternut squash gnocchi with pumpkin seed pesto and more by enhancing the bond through shared culinary adventures.

8- Volunteer Dinner and Dining

Volunteer Dinner and Dining

Embrace the spirit of giving back by serving dinner at various charities. Explore a list of volunteer opportunities, then venture into Denver’s culinary landscape to discover new and upcoming restaurants. Merge the altruistic and the indulgent for a well-rounded date night.

9- Road Trip to a Concert

Road Trip to a Concert

You can extend your horizons beyond Denver’s concert venues with a road trip to concerts as far as Aspen or as close as Boulder and Fort Collins. Moreover, a curated list offers insights into 11 winter concerts worth the road trip by promising musical experiences beyond the ordinary.

10- Black Belt Salsa

Black Belt Salsa

Next, you can also visit the rhythmic world of Salsa dancing at 3550 Federal Blvd. Black Belt Salsa hosts classes every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. followed by a delightful dinner at 9 p.m. As this is priced at $40 for two but the evening promises a fusion of dinner and dance. The varied levels accommodate everyone whether you’re a seasoned dancer or a novice.

11- Visit a Planetarium

Visit a Planetarium (1)

If you also want to experience the Cosmos then plan a celestial journey with your partner at the Gates Planetarium or Fiske Planetarium. Here you can witness the wonders of the universe from the creation of the Milky Way to the captivating death of a star all within the immersive settings of these planetariums.

The educational and romantic experience will be shared with the excitement of space exploration with your date as you both learn about our solar system and beyond. Furthermore, the starry backdrop sets the perfect scene for a romantic and intellectually stimulating evening.

12- Drink at a Speakeasy Bar

Drink at a Speakeasy Bar

The speakeasy bar is a cozy winter date spot around Denver. So, this is the reason that you can step into the past. Furthermore, you can transport yourselves to the prohibition era by visiting speakeasy bars like Williams & Graham.

Even more, the adventure begins as you enter a disguised entrance creating an air of secrecy and nostalgia. Ultimately, you can also enjoy the unique ambiance of these bars where the setting mirrors the clandestine atmosphere of the 1920s.

Lastly, the experience of sipping cocktails in a hidden intimate space that will add a touch of mystery to your romantic night out.

13- Experience a Brewery Tour

Experience a Brewery Tour

Craft Beer Discovery is a romantic place to visit in Denver. Because of Denver’s rich craft beer culture with brewery tours. From the iconic Coors Brewery to the artisanal Prost Brewing Company, explore the art of brewing and savor various craft beers.

Next, brewery tours offer not only a chance to taste different brews but also an opportunity to understand the brewing process. Furthermore, it is a delightful and educational experience for beer lovers and novices alike.

14- Go on a Scenic Winter Hike

Go on a Scenic Winter Hike

Winter Wonderland can embrace the winter landscape with a scenic hike. So, Roxborough State Park and Matthews/Winters Park offer picturesque trails adorned with snow by providing a serene and enchanting backdrop for your winter adventure.

Overall, it is recommended to explore the contrast of red rock formations against pristine snow by creating a magical atmosphere. Along with this, winter hikes allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature in a unique and peaceful setting.

15- Listen to Live Music During Dinner

Listen to Live Music During Dinner

If you want to enjoy a romantic dinner and show then combine the joy of dining with the vibrancy of live music at venues like Baur’s Restaurant & Listening Lounge. This is a place where you can enjoy a meal while being serenaded creating a romantic and entertaining atmosphere.

Moreover, Denver’s restaurants offer a range of musical genres by allowing you to choose an ambiance that complements your taste. Finally, it will become a romantic and delightful way to engage both your senses of taste and hearing.

Which Colorado winter date are you putting on your calendar?

Which winter activities are you marking on your calendar in Colorado? I often forget how beneficial it is to spend time outdoors, even during the darker winter months. We do tend to have our fair share of Netflix nights between December and February while my partner and I aren’t big on watching TV. However, I’m determined to make these three outdoor date nights happen again this year.

If you want to capture your date nights on video because sometimes the magic in a relationship lies in everyday moments more than once-in-a-lifetime adventures you can subscribe to receive my monthly postcards below.


Is Denver a romantic city?

Yes! Here’s a guide to the most romantic things to do in Denver. Denver is lucky to be right by the beautiful Rocky Mountains. The city has lots of green places where you can have romantic picnics or walks surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Furthermore, places like Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Park, Washington Park and City Park are extra charming for a lovely time.

Is Denver worth visiting in winter?

Winter in Denver is awesome. Because there are lots of cool events that come in very beautiful weather with 300 days of sunshine every year.

Moreover, there are also tons of fun winter activities in Denver for everyone. The neighborhoods are lively with the coolest restaurants to try, colorful street art and big attractions. Finally, Denver is worth a visit in winter because this is also the best place for romantic things to do in Denver in winter.

Why is Denver called Menver?

Denver is also known as Menver because, in Colorado, there are a lot of single, sporty guys in the dating scene. That`s why many people gave it the nickname “Menver” because these guys are abundant around. So, if you find yourself surrounded by options in the Denver dating world, you’re not the only one feeling that way.

What is Denver’s snowiest month?

When March rolls in Denver sees about 11.5 inches of snow creating a winter wonderland. As spring arrives in April the snow doesn’t stop except around 8.8 inches making it a snowy transition to warmer days.

So, if you’re planning a visit then you should pack accordingly for the snowy surprises of March and April in the Mile High City.

Romantic things to do in Denver in winter – Conclusion

Denver turns into a cozy and romantic spot for couples in winter. You can enjoy snuggling in charming retreats by taking sweet strolls in the snow and having fireside dinners too. The city has cool places for arts, spa days and even catching the Northern Lights.

Overall, Denver’s got it all for a special winter escape whether you’re exploring culture, getting pampered, or making memories in the snow. So, Denver is the place to be in winter for a lovely and romantic getaway. Last of all, fall in love with the snowy scenes and make your winter trip extra special.


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