Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Washington State

Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Washington State

Are you looking for the Top 10 romantic things to do in Washington State? Then this blog post is definitely for you! Here you’ll find an extra special corner for love and laughter. There are so many fun couple things to do in Seattle. You just need to think about going for a walk at sunset, having dinner and more!

Top 10 Romantic Things To Do In Washington State

In other words, I want to give you a few romantic places to pass your valuable time. So, let’s go through the Washington area relaxing in the atmosphere of romance, beautiful view surroundings and warm places. Have fun and you’ll never forget your romantic trip!

1. Enjoy A Spin On The Great Wheel – Best For Capturing Skyline Photographs

Great Wheel in Washington State

Let’s start by visiting a huge wheel by the water, the Seattle Great Wheel! This wheel is like a big circle in the sky. You can enjoy it by sitting in its small room made with glass walls. When it goes up, you see the tall buildings and busy roads of the whole city.

You can even see the big, snow-capped mountains just far away. However, when this Seattle Great Wheel starts to move, it feels as if you’re floating over and over. And the most interesting thing is it only lasts 12 minutes while you go around three times. That’s why people love to make romantic day trips in Washington State!

2. See The Olympic And Mount Rainier National Parks – Best For Flower-Filled Valleys

Olympic And Mount Rainier National Parks in Washington State

One of the best things to do in Washington State is to close your eyes and think of a road trip in two amazing parks. The Olympic and Mount Rainier Park. The Olympic Park in Washington is like a snowy wonderland with big, green forests. It also has a cool beach where the sea waves and say hello to everyone. However, you can even take a boat from Seattle to Olympic National Park. It is like a big water bus!

Now, if I talk about Mount Rainier National Park, it is just like walking right into a fairy tale. There are eye-catching valleys full of flowers, singing waterfalls and even big forests. In these pretty forests, friendly animals live together. These romantic Seattle activities make it like nature’s own fairyland. You should must visit this place as these are free things to do in Washington state in December especially!

3. Enjoy Whale Watching In San Juan Island – Best For Capturing Whales In Action

Whale Watching in Washington State

Whale Watching in San Juan Island is one of the unique things to do in Washington State. It is a vast sea where people always look out for big whales! You should visit this sea from April to October.

When you visit this sea for fun things to do in Washington State, the whales perform a special show for you. You can make pictures of these giants swimming and splashing in their den, posing and flipping. This makes you feel like having a front-row seat at the most awesome sea party!

4. Stay at The Woodmark Kirkland Hotel – Best For Massage Retreat For Couples

Woodmark Kirkland Hotel in Washington State

There is a special place called The Woodmark Hotel in Kirkland. This Seattle luxury Hotel is not just a simple hotel, it is one of the best romantic hotels in Washington state. It feels like having a room with a soft bed just like a big, fluffy cloud. And the bathroom is like a spa containing a tub for soaking in and a shower that comes down like warm rain.

Even though, you can get a massage here, a sort of hug for your body. And in case, you get hungry, there are two Woodmark restaurants on site with big windows showing off Washington Lake’s stunning view. This hotel is just like having winter getaways for couples!

5. Spend Nights In Romantic Cabins Of Washington State – Best For A Private Little House In Natural Surroundings

Romantic Cabins Of Washington State

Now, it’s time to visit the most romantic cabins in Washington state. These cabins are hidden away in the woods, like love nests. Some look like triangles while others are super modern with big windows to see the trees. These rooms begin at US $ 357 a night just like renting a heaven.

However, you can even bring your best friends here to have fun. It will make you feel like having your own little house surrounded by natural beauty. Furthermore, rising each day with the birds and sleeping beneath a starry sky are the most romantic couple activities in Washington state. So, you should have a romantic winter weekend getaway in Seattle!

6. Have Comfort In The Lotte Hotel – Best For Making Memories In Washington

The Lotte Hotel in Washington State

The Lotte Seattle Hotel is fancy in the middle of the city. It is like a palace with soft beds and frills. If you visit this hotel, you’ll feel like you are in a spa, a room scented with blossoms and suitably soft music playing. This hotel’s room rates begin at $350 per night, just like a royal treat.

Besides this, you can even taste some delicious local food right there! These are some couple’s activities in Washington that make this Lotte Hotel one of the most romantic places to go in Washington state. It’s like being on top of the world!

7. Must Visit The Davenport Hotel Collection – Perfect For Finding Three Magnificent Hotels In Spokane

Davenport Hotel Collection in Washington State

The most romantic places to stay in Washington state are not just one but three magnificent hotels in Spokane. These hotels are known as the Davenport Hotel Collection. This Historic Davenport is like a big castle that is too old and famous. And the price rate for these hotels begins at $141 per night.

When you enter the lounge with comfortable chairs and order a drink, it creates a quick sense of relaxation. Plus it takes you back in time. Here comes The Tower and Grand Hotel. These are like brothers having different styles. You can decide where you should stay! Because each of these hotels has its value!

8. Have Fun With Spokane Falls SkyRide – Perfect For A Magical Ride Around Spokane

Spokane Falls Sky ride in Washington State

The Spokane Falls SkyRide is like a magic carpet able to fly you around Spokane. When you look down from this skyride, you see a big waterfall. And the Spokane Falls, from the height, looks as if it is a small piece of cloth.

After you enjoy your ride, take a walk to Riverfront Park in Spokane Washington. This Spokane River Park is like a colorful garden full of flowers and trees. You must visit this beautiful place if you are in search of romantic spots in DC!

9. Visit The Pink Door Restaurant – Best For Dinner And Entertainment In One Place

Pink Door Restaurant in Washington State

The Pink Door Seattle is like a piece of history secreted away from Pike Place Market. It is just like finding happiness in a pretty backstreet. The lights are dim and it’s so warm inside. This pink door restaurant really makes you feel like you have entered a romantic movie.

Even though, on some special nights, there’s extra fun here, like swinging gymnasts flying overhead or a dance that’s like a bit fancy show. So, you can find a dinner and an amazing show, all in just one place!

10. Go To Snoqualmie Falls Washington – Best For A Fancy Dinner With Scenic Views

Snoqualmie Falls Washington

If you have decided on romantic dates in Washington state, don’t miss the super tall waterfall, Snoqualmie Falls. It’s like a big water slide which you can enjoy by standing on the deck next to it. Especially when the cloudy droplets touch the face, it feels like being in a water cloud.

And due to the deck near Salish Lodge & Spa, Snoqualmie Falls WA feels like a restful castle looking down on the falls. So, I must say that this Snoqualmie Falls Lodge Restaurant is like a fairy tale picture where you can have a fancy dinner too! Do visit it, to make your memories last longer.

What is special in Washington state?

There are a lot of special things to see in Washington State! The Seattle Great Wheel spins high up and there’s also a super-tall Snoqualmie Falls. You can find restful cabins, relaxing hotels and even a magical ride in Spokane. Many fun and romantic places are there to go with your special one!

Where in Washington is the most beautiful?

There are so many different places in Washington for everyone as it depends on what you like. Some people love Seattle’s tall buildings and busy roads. While others prefer snowy wonderland in Olympic National Park. There are also romantic cabins hidden in the forest and gorgeous views from the Spokane Falls SkyRide. It depends on what you think is beautiful!

Is Washington a good state to live in?

Absolutely! Washington State is a great place to live in. The natural scenery of it is especially beautiful. From snowy mountains to attractive forests, the cultural scene looks awesome offering a mix of arts, music and various experiences. The quality of life here is amazing!

What is Washington most famous for?

Washington is most famous for its landmarks and rich variety of attractions. Seattle being the largest city in this state, is known as the city of the Space Needle. It has the crowded Pike Place Market. Washington state is renowned for its breathtaking natural surroundings, like the Olympic National Park, Mount Rainier and the Puget Sound.

What food is Washington famous for?

Washington is renowned for its Pacific Northwest seafood. Salmon and Dungeness crabs are the most demanding foods in this state. They also have a major producer of crisp and juicy apples. People love their coffee and wine. Be sure to try these delicious things if you ever visit there.


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