Areas to avoid in Portland right now

Areas to avoid in Portland right now

Areas to avoid in Portland right now: Portland, is a renowned West Coast city celebrated for its food trucks, arts and majestic mountains. Moreover, it has unfortunately faced challenges related to crime and safety. Portland, despite its vibrant scene and thriving industries faces a crime rate 171% above the national average. This reality contributes to its concerning reputation as of 2023. The city also grapples with increasing homelessness.

Areas to avoid in Portland right now

Understanding the ten neighborhoods with the highest violent crime rates is crucial for those planning to visit or reside in Portland.

Furthermore, this knowledge empowers individuals to make informed decisions about where to stay or explore. Overall, it will also ensure you a safer and more enjoyable experience in the city.

10 Areas to avoid in Portland right now

Certainly, much like in numerous large European or American cities, it is wise to research beforehand about the neighborhoods to avoid in Portland. Further, it is also an option for the best ones to stay in.

This article pinpoints the avoided areas in Portland which are accompanied by Google Maps for easier navigation. Also, you’ll find guidance about these avoided areas.

1- Centennial

Centennial in portland

The Centennial is a place which is located in East Portland. Moreover, it is known for its tattoo shops and pubs which may not be the safest choice at night. Despite having one of the highest violent crime rates in Portland, it remains below the national average. Centennial possesses a unique community and character while safety concerns have been raised.

2- Bridgeton

Bridgeton in portland

This place is situated in Multnomah County, Bridgeton though home to country clubs which has faced security issues. Tightened surveillance has improved safety but it still experiences a higher theft rate than the national average. Lastly, Bridgeton continues to undergo significant changes.

3- St. Johns

St. Johns in portland

St. Johns has a small-town vibe which is located north of Faculty Park. Next, this small-town vibe is known for a higher crime rate than the national average. Despite challenges, it has a quirky charm with shops and entertainment by featuring the iconic St. Johns Bridge.

4- Kenton

Kenton in portland

Kenton is an up-and-coming area with improving safety by undergoing significant changes. However, caution is advised through considering its concerning crime rate with higher theft and assault rates than the national average.

5- Parkrose

Parkrose in portland

Parkrose which is located in the eastern part faces rising crime rates and lacks amenities. It is creating safety concerns due to recent incidents including drug-related activities, vandalism and theft.  Lastly, limited shopping and dining options add to its drawbacks.

6- Sunderland

Sunderland in portland

A neighborhood to avoid due to high crime rates and inadequate security measures. Sunderland lacks proper transportation and essential amenities making it unattractive for both residents and tourists.

7- Lloyd District

Lloyd District in portland

Especially, this business area comes with high crime rates in property crimes such as theft and burglary. At this place, caution is advised despite attractions such as Moda Center and the Oregon Convention Center which is in less crowded areas.

8- Mill Park

Mill Park in portland

Mill Park lacks vital amenities and has poorly maintained infrastructure through experiencing a rise in crime rates. This is a reason that limited options for shopping, dining and entertainment contribute to its drawbacks.

9- Old Town/Chinatown

Old TownChinatown in portland

Old Town/Chinatown faces high crime rates and homelessness issues rather than cultural treasures and historical significance. Sometimes, it is making safety a concern for visitors. Landmarks including Lan Su Chinese Garden and the Portland Saturday Market are attractive despite these challenges.

10- Powellhurst

Powellhurst in portland

This area of Portland is known for its high crime rate. Powellhurst may not be an ideal destination due to safety concerns. Few things to see, eat, or buy in Powellhurst make it less attractive. While it offers green spaces, safety remains a significant consideration.

Where to stay to avoid homelessness in Portland?

Just a few blocks from Downtown, where you’ll notice a notably smaller homeless population while staying at McMenamins Crystal Hotel in Portland. This location allows convenient sightseeing to make exploring on foot or by bicycle easy.

What areas to stay out of in Portland?

You should avoid Hazelwood near the Gateway Transit Center due to the highest rate of violent crime in the city. So, this is the reason that exercise caution in the region known locally as ‘Felony Flats,’ roughly between Duke and Johnson from 70th East.

Especially, be cautious around West Burnside downtown closer to the bridge where there are several homeless shelters and camps. And this is also a suggestion that you should particularly remain alert at night.

Is it safe to walk around downtown Portland?

In general, downtown Portland is considered a safe place. Still, if you’re walking alone at night and unfamiliar with the area then it is crucial to be cautious and aware of your surroundings.

Is it safe to stay in Portland right now?

Yes, Portland is considered a safe city for visitors. A report from the Major Cities Chiefs Association in February 2022 highlighted that violent crime rates remain high in major cities across the U.S. and Canada. Generally, Portland experiences somewhat lower rates of violent crime when compared to cities of similar size.

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What is the safest part of Portland Oregon?

The Northwest District stands out as the safest neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. This is recognized for its charming craftsman-style homes. Moreover, this place has close access to top-notch shopping and dining options. This is the reason that it is considered one of the most secure areas in the city. The crime rate in the Northwest District is 15% lower than the Oregon average.

Areas to avoid in Portland right now: It is best to avoid certain areas currently facing challenges to ensure a pleasant visit to Portland. Portland is generally safe because it has started to avoid neighborhoods experiencing increased issues. Moreover, these vibrant districts with positive atmospheres such as the Pearl District or Nob Hill become able to enhance your experience.

Enjoy the city’s beauty by exploring well-maintained areas. Because it will also ensure a worry-free and delightful stay. Remember, you should choose the right neighborhoods which will become key to having a fantastic time in Portland. Overall, safe exploration will make your trip memorable and enjoyable. So, you can soak in the city’s charm without any concerns.

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