10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Christmas

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Christmas

Christmas in Seattle is like opening a storybook and having the 10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Christmas. Especially, the “Christmas Markets” are like amazing parties where people from everywhere show their wonderful arts and crafts. There are so many unique items to buy for you and your loved ones.

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Christmas

From cool markets to yummy coffee shops, this city has lots of fantastic things to do. And for this, I’m going to show you the best activities, like sparkling lights at Woodland Park Zoo and tasty holiday drinks in special bars.

So just keep reading the whole blog post and make your Seattle Christmas Holiday extraordinary!

1. Visit the Seattle Christmas Markets – Best Place For Handmade Gifts at Seattle Markets

Seattle Christmas Markets

Christmas gets more enjoyable when you visit Seattle’s Christmas Markets. These amazing gatherings are like huge, cheerful fairs. The people display their incredible arts and crafts there. Plus, being in a place filled with colors, glittering lights and unique handmade products is like heaven. These things will even make your eyes sparkle with joy.

However, the Julefest at the Nordic Museum is a special highlight in this city. It offers a charming taste of Scandinavian culture. In fact, each stall has something different and unique for you to discover. You should enter these magical Seattle holiday markets for sure!

Before Christmas, just don’t miss the Winter Solstice Night Market. This market is an energetic festival with over 125 sellers and vibrant bars. It provides an incredible environment that is perfect for buying one-of-a-kind items.

2. See The Best Coffee Shops In Seattle – Top Spots For Tasty Treats This Christmas

Best Coffee Shops  In Seattle

One of the most magical things to do for Christmas in Seattle is having a cup of coffee at some warm coffee shops. It really makes Christmas a very special holiday for taste buds. Let me tell you about “Moore Coffee”.

This coffee is as if they have painted flavor on your latte to make it extra delicious and flavorful. You feel like it is a piece of art! Then there comes a “Fuel Coffee” option. Tasting this coffee feels as if it is dancing in your mouth.

It looks like a surprise party for you and your family! Besides, “Coffeeholic” also has these drinks inspired by Vietnam. It adds a special touch to make your holiday coffee super yummy and delightful.

However, if you’re a fast foodie, you must try the best cinnamon rolls. And for this, “Storyville” is the most comfortable place to go. It makes you feel like a warm hug in every bite. So, if you just want a cozy treat, these places are for you!

3. Have Fun in Seattle Teddy Bear Suite – Adorable Teddy Bears At Fairmont Olympic

Seattle Teddy Bear Suite

Now it’s time for you to visit the Teddy Bear Suite located in the Fairmont Olympic Hotel. Upon arrival, take pictures of the room adorned with teddy bears, twinkling lights and Christmas trees. It creates an unforgettable experience captivating visitors of all ages.

Even though, to make your enjoyment even better, plan to visit at 9 AM. During this time, it looks like you’ve entered a storybook. It’s each corner is filled with Seattle Christmas activities for families. And these are the attractive things which make it a perfect spot for you to visit!

4. Enjoy The Traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner – Live Music With Sweden Meals

Traditional Swedish Christmas Dinner in Seattle

One of the best Christmas activities in Seattle is the flavorful turn to traditional Swedish smorgasbords. In this case, “Skål Beer Hall” invites you to a Viking-themed feast. A one-of-a-kind dining experience that highlights Nordic flavors.

Meanwhile, the “Julbord” at the Swedish Club serves a more traditional price. It is a complete package with live music and a Santa Lucia procession. However, getting tickets to these Christmas events in Seattle is a must.

By having these tickets, you can experience the richness of Nordic holiday customs. More than just a meal, it’s a journey through Scandinavian holiday delights!

5. Join Argosy’s Christmas Ship Festival – Best Place For Christmas Concert On A Ship

Argosy Christmas Ship Festival in Seattle

For a boat adventure filled with Christmas fun, the Argosy’s Christmas Ship Festival is the best spot. You can take photos with the Christmas Spirit, dressed up in holiday lights and the cruise ships sailing around Puget Sound.

At that point, the Musicians entertain the passengers and convert the ship into a floating Christmas concert. These unforgettable moments add a unique maritime flavor to the holiday celebrations.

So, whether you enjoy the festivities aboard or prefer a beach view, these Seattle Christmas lights can’t be missed!

6. Take A Look At Tree Festivals – The Best Glowing Holiday Trees

Tree Festivals in Seattle

The Seattle Fairmont Olympic Hotel presents the “Festival of Trees” during the holiday season. Over 20 gracefully decorated trees are served in the Christmas tree festival. You can enjoy tree-lighting ceremonies and engaging storytelling sessions here.

You can, however, have some nice treats as well. It gives a special touch to the holiday atmosphere. Beyond festivities, what makes this event truly unique is its dedication to a worthy cause; profits support the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Autism Centre and Uncompensated Care Programme.

So, as you enjoy the holiday shout, you’re also doing your part to make a difference in the surroundings.

7. Have Fun At Woodland Park Zoo – Best Spot For Twinkling Zoo Lights

Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle

Now, it’s time to turn your Seattle Christmas weather into a gorgeous day. And you can do this by visiting the Woodland Park Zoo with WildLanterns. This zoo is illuminated by thousands of twinkling lights. At this lovely zoo, you’ll find yourself in an amazing world of festive beauty.

But for those looking for alternative options, the annual Diving Santa event at the Seattle Aquarium and the Zoolights at Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma are best for them. It offers wonderful and family-friendly Christmas opportunities!

8. Visit Some Festive Cocktails At Christmas-Themed Bars – The Best Toast To The Season

Christmas-Themed Bars in Seattle

Seattle Christmas bars beckon with festive spirit as the sun sets and the night comes alive. Aside from this, even the drinks get a Christmas-themed transformation at Miracle on 2nd in Rob Roy.

In fact, you can enjoy tiki-inspired Christmas cocktails at Sippin Santa for a tropical twist on the season. It creates a flavorful element to your festive night out.

However, these holiday pop-up bars offer an energetic and passionate environment in which to unwind, salute the season and share amazing times with friends and family!

9. Take Part In A Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise – Calm Waters Celebration

Christmas Eve Dinner Cruise in Seattle

After visiting the fun bars in Seattle, it’s time to boost your Christmas party. To make your Holiday a unique and unforgettable experience, have a meal at Waterways Cruises & Events.

You can have gliding fun around the calm waters of Lake Union, surrounded by stunning scenery. Though, the cruise menu includes soups, salmon, turkey and a sweet selection. Here you’ll find a feast suited for your Christmas celebration.

Another catchy thing of Christmas lights reflecting water is paired with a festive meal there. It creates an original and pleasant way to enjoy the celebrations!

10. Enjoy The Light Show At The Bait Shop – Tiny Bar With Charming December Nights

The Bait Shop in Seattle

Finish your Christmas trip with a magnificent light show at The “Bait Shop”. This tiny Seattle Christmas Bar comes alive every evening in December. With a 20-minute incredible set to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s performance of ‘Carol of the Bells’, it creates an outstanding and cheerful finishing to your holiday experience in Seattle.

Whether you book a table or just simply watch the show from the bar, this local bar adds a touch of charm to the market. It leaves you with lasting memories of this city’s mysterious Christmas atmosphere!


Christmas is more than just a holiday in Seattle. It’s a collection of unique events just waiting to be revealed. So, now that you’ve discovered the 10 best things to do in Seattle for Christmas, such as markets with handcrafted items, cozy coffee shops and even a store filled with teddy bears, you’ll be able to plan a vacation there! Just enjoy the scenery, follow the merry path and make memories that last forever!


Is Seattle nice during Christmas?

Yes, Seattle is very nice during Christmas! The city turns into a magnificent destination filled with beautiful lights and exciting activities. There are fun marketplaces, delicious foods and even teddy bears! The zoo is illuminated and there are special meals and boat rides. It’s like a huge, happy celebration!

Is it a good idea to visit Seattle in December?

Yes, going to Seattle in December is a great idea! With Christmas lights and exciting events, the city becomes cheerful. In fact, the Christmas markets and the wonderful sweets make it a little chilly. So, you must visit Seattle for Christmas during December, if you want more fun.

Does Seattle snow a lot?

No, Seattle doesn’t get much snow. This city normally experiences a pleasant winter with minor snowfall, but this doesn’t happen a lot. Temperatures remain moderate, making Seattle more wet than snowy over its winter months.

Do you need a car in Seattle?

No, you don’t always need a car in Seattle. The city has an excellent transport system. It includes buses and light rail, making it simple to travel around without a car. Furthermore, lots of places are walkable and ride-sharing options are also available for convenience.

Which national park is closest to Seattle?

Mount Rainier National Park is the nearest national park to Seattle. It is approximately 60 miles southeast of this city. Mount Rainier, a famous stratovolcano, offers stunning views, unique ecosystems and countless recreational activities. These activities make it a popular spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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