Things To Do In Seattle

Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle

Are you in the mood for having things to do in Seattle for a weekend? Alright, get set because we have a list of 10 things to do in Seattle Washington. Lots of nice views and funny things are waiting for you here to enjoy!

Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle 

If you enjoy riding a big bike or going to exciting parks, this blog post is very helpful for you. It also has delicious snacks that will make your mouth say thanks. So, have fun reading about this wonderful city of Seattle!

1. See The Chihuly Glass Museum – Best Place For Taking Selfies

Chihuly Glass Museum in Seattle

Start your Seattle weekend itinerary by going to 305 Harrison St. Here you’ll see the amazing glass art at the Chihuly Glass Museum. Dale Chihuly’s works are like dreams full of color that has become reality.

Moreover, capture yourself in a garden made of glass marvels. If you like taking pictures, begin with a glass house at the end of the show. You should get there before everyone else. By doing this, you can relax and have the place all by yourself.

2. Visit The Pike Place Market – Best For Yummy Local Foods

Pike Place Market in Seattle

One of the best things to do in Seattle for a weekend is to be at 85 Pike St. Because Pike Place Market is waiting for you. It is an incredible place for food lovers. There’s a busy market area where you can see fish flying too.

However, you can get a colorful bouquet and maybe wait in line at the first Starbucks. And don’t skip the weird Gum Wall. You can enjoy yummy local foods here like Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt and Piroshky Piroshky. It’s a great place for a Seattle weekend trip!

3. View The Olympic Sculpture Park – Top Spot For Nature And Art Blend

Olympic Sculpture Park in Seattle

The weekends in Seattle become more fun when you walk through art spaces in Olympic Sculpture Park. Covering 9 acres, it’s a mix of imagination and the outdoors. Big statues add more to the calm feeling in this area.

You can even spend your 7-day Washington state itinerary in this amazing park. See the amazing views and get some nice Seattle weather. Somehow, if you need parking, Paccar Pavilion Garage, in this case, takes care of your needs!

4. Enjoy The Space Needle At Seattle Center – Best Place For Rotating Restaurants

Seattle Space Needle

There are many interesting things to do in Seattle for a weekend but the Space Needle is a must-visit place. It is strong enough at 605 feet to control the view of buildings. Instead of the observation deck and rotating restaurant, you can go to Kerry Park for an enjoyable weekend in Seattle.

Kerry Park includes a big view of the city such as the Space Needle. Even though, the Seattle Center is a great place with many places to look at. It’s a single spot for having fun in 2 days in Seattle. It makes it one of the best things to do in Seattle this week!

5. Go For Boat Rides With Hot Tubs – Top Choice For Sunsets Behind City Buildings

Seattle Hot Tub Boats

If you only have one day in Seattle, you should book a ride with Hot Tub Boats. Boating on Lake Union, relaxing in a hot tub and watching the sun go down behind the city buildings make these Seattle events Memorial Day weekend.

Besides, it’s not just a boat ride, it’s a weekend trip to Seattle. This hot tub fun is very liked, most often in summer sunsets. So don’t ever forget to book ahead, you’ll surely like it a lot!

6. Visit The Elliott Bay Book Company – Must Visit Place For Book Lovers

Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle

Visiting Capitol Hill is one of the top things to do in Seattle for a weekend. There are a lot of stories at the Elliott Bay Book Company. Like Portland’s Powell’s, this small and independent bookstore is a special thing.

If you like to read interesting books, this will be your favorite place. Just buy a book or two and keep the reading enjoyment going!

7. Have Fun At Fremont Troll – Top Secret-Filled Spot To Visit

Seattle Fremont Troll

If you like funny things then must visit the funny Fremont Troll. This strange statue, made by nearby artists, is found under a bridge. It’s a fun surprise for people who don’t know it’s there.

Although, if you are there for 2 days Seattle itinerary, Fremont has more than the troll. You should check out bars, yummy places like Schilling Cider and funny outside artworks like the Fremont Rocket and Dinosaurs. It’s a place full of personality and secrets!

8. Watch The Rattlesnake Lake and Ledge – Top Quiet Spots For Peace Lovers

Seattle Rattlesnake Lake and Ledge

It’s time to go outside the city for four days in Seattle, to Rattlesnake Lake. Whether you like using a paddleboard on the lake or starting a 5.3-mile hike on Rattlesnake Ledge for a big view, this natural fun area has everything.

However, lake people stay on the beach areas, leaving quiet spots for those wanting more peace. Before your 3 days in Seattle trip, go to Uwajimaya to buy some Asian snacks. They also have special Japanese Kit Kat flavors you can try!

9. Tour The Seattle Center – Fun Way To Get Around

Seattle Center

One of the most famous things to do in Seattle for a weekend is to visit the Seattle Center. It’s not close enough to walk to Pike Place Market. So, think about using an Uber or public transport.

For a fun way to go from one place to another, walk to Westlake Station. It is under 10 minutes from Pike Place or Central Library. Then, take the Seattle Center Monorail. This will directly lead you to the main part of Seattle Center. There is a lot to see and do, including museums and fun activities!

10. Take A Look At Beaches – Perfect Place For Fish Restaurants

Seattle Beaches

Seattle in a weekend becomes even more beautiful when there are beach lovers around! Alki Beach in West Seattle is liked by many people. With a sandy shore, a lovely walkway and fish restaurants by the water, it’s a place you have to go.

You can sit in the sun on hot summer days or have warm soup on winter days at Alki Beach. It will give you the beach feeling you want ever. This makes it one of the top things to do in Seattle for a weekend!

No matter if you like arts or fun things, delicious food or outdoor activities, this city has everything for you. The Chihuly Glass Museum and Pike Place Market give you a mix of things to do in Seattle for a weekend.

You can even experience the strange Fremont Troll or the calm Rattlesnake Lake here! So, take your curiosity, bring your smiles and enjoy the happiness that Seattle gives. In this way, you can make your exciting weekend tour unforgettable.

Is 3 days enough to see Seattle?

Certainly, in 3 days, Seattle will give a great experience to you. You can visit famous places like the Space Needle, the colorful Pike Place Market and some pretty parks. 3 days are enough to enjoy this busy city feeling!

How to spend 5 hours in Seattle?

You can spend 5 hours in Seattle by first going up high! I mean to say, visit the Space Needle, Columbia Tower or Smith Tower for the best views of the city. Then go to a cool place and taste nice oysters and fish from the sea. Visit the first Starbucks too. You can even shop at Westfield Southcenter Mall!

Is Seattle a 15-minute city?

Seattle isn’t just a 15-minute city because it’s larger! Some places might need more time to reach. But you can make smart plans for your trip and have fun visiting the different areas and attractions. You’ll find Seattle worth spending time city.

What is the best month to visit Seattle?

The best month to visit Seattle is often in late spring or summer, from June to September. In these months, you’ll probably have a nice weather. You can even take part in the city’s outdoor activities and events.

Can you do a day trip from Seattle to Vancouver?

Yes, you can go on a day trip from Seattle to Vancouver. It’s about a 2-3 hour drive. You can catch a train or bus for this purpose. Also, remember to check what you need to cross a border.

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