10 Best Things To Do In Seattle In December

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle In December

Do you have trouble figuring out what to do in Seattle in December? Not to worry, because I am going to share with you the top 10 best things to do in Seattle in December. From romantic night walks and rhythmic Flamenco shows to the festive excitement at Pike Place Market, Seattle has a lot of fun activities to do.

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle In December

There’s even a gallery with incredible glasswork there! If you love winter experiences, sports, music or relaxing on the beach, Seattle is a must-city for you. So, rather than waiting, let’s just find out some wonderful spots in detail!

1. Take A Night Walk Amongst The Stars – Top Spot For a Winter Night Walk

Seattle Chinese Garden

Start your trip from Astra Lumina. It starts on December 8 at the “Seattle Chinese Garden”. However, once you start the night walk here. it feels like entering a dream!

From toddlers to grandparents, with shining lights, forecasts and music, it’s an attraction for all ages. Just what you have to do is grab your tickets and bring the whole family here for an unforgettable evening.

2. Join Authentic Flamenco Show – Best Known For Spanish Dance

Flamenco Show in Seattle

After having a night walk, it’s time to feel the heartbeat of Spain. It takes place at the Authentic Flamenco event on December 15 at Seattle Repertory Theatre’s Leo K. Theatre.

Even though, the Spanish performer “Paula Rodriguez” will bring your passion to the world of Spanish dance and music. This opportunity to see such fantastic Seattle events in December once in a lifetime is a must for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets and be ready for a night of rhythm and emotion!

3. Shop From The Pike Place Market – Best For Unique Gift Shoppers

Pike Place Market in Seattle

Here comes the great Figgy Pudding Carolling Competition. It takes place at Pike Place Market on December 1 from 6:00 to 8:30 p.m. This outstanding market is set out with holiday lights and singers.

However, these singers join together to spread out the melodious cheer. This is how this free event makes it a great choice for Christmas activities for families.

Here you can also find out about the market’s Christmas displays. Plus you can look for some unique presents and can listen to seasonal music as well.

4. Participate In Under Stars Concerts – Best Spots For Romantic Evenings

Olympic Rooftop Pavilion in Seattle

If you love under-the-stars concerts, then you must visit a date night at The Olympic Rooftop Pavilion. On December 6, you can enjoy legendary ABBA tunes, whereas, on December 13 and 17, you can have fun in A Very Sinatra Christmas Special.

As long as you can sip some warm beverages, have some Seattle teenage activities and enjoy lasting memories with your loved ones there!

5. Visit Chihuly Garden and Glass – Best Known For Family Outings

Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle

The Chihuly Garden & Glass is situated beneath the iconic Space Needle. When you visit there, it welcomes you with a bright world of glass art. The Dale Chihuly’s incredible glass sculptures look brilliant and creative.

Somehow, if you want some things to do in Seattle today, then visiting with your family in this beautiful garden must be your priority. Just check out the opening hours and add this artistic trip to your winter bucket list!

6. Snowshoe In The Mountains – Best For Nature And Environment Lovers

Best Things To Do In Seattle

Using snowshoes in the neighboring mountains is a great way to enjoy the activities about Christmas. It feels like a winter paradise that Seattle has to offer. Here, you can put on your snowshoes and hike the paths around Stevens Pass or Snoqualmie Pass.

These become the best things to do in December for both couples and environment lovers. So, rent some snowshoes, feel the snow softness beneath your boots and hike through Washington state in winter!

7. Watch a Hockey Game – Best Thing To Do For Families

Best Hockey Games in Seattle

Now, it’s time to experience the excitement of a live hockey game. The Everett Silvertips, Seattle Thunderbirds and the recently-formed Seattle Kraken are some popular Christmas games for adults.

You can enjoy by grabbing some popcorn, screaming for your favorite team and participating in the excitement of the game. These are really the best Seattle things to do in December, great for both families and sports fans of all ages!

8. Visit The Rogers Chocolates – Best Spot For Chocolate Lovers

The Rogers Chocolates in Seatle

Rogers Chocolates in Victoria, BC has wonderful delights for your tastes. This delicious experience is great for all ages. However, Seattle’s December weather become famous for Victoria Creams.

These creams with flavors like pumpkin spice, peppermint and gingerbread make your mouth water. You can enjoy these chocolates by making lovely presents and tasty treats for your loved ones!

9. Enjoy a Less Crowded Space Needle Experience – Best For Those Avoiding Crowds

Seattle Space Needle

The Seattle Space Needle is one of the top things to do in Seattle in winter. This space needle provides an eye-catching view of the city. There are fewer crowds here and you can participate in Winterfest activities.

However, you can spend this amazing day by visiting observation decks, taking in the stunning scenery and joining the local places such as “Chihuly Garden and Glass”.

10. Find Peaceful Beaches for Yourself – Have Quiter Relaxation Around The Beach

Seattle Beaches

Finally, it’s time to see the quietness of Seattle beaches in the winter. Start by visiting the Discovery Park, Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park and even the Golden Gardens Park.

Since swimming and sunbathing aren’t particularly popular long hikes and wildlife sightings become the best parts of it. Therefore, nature fans enjoy this beauty a lot during the quieter season!

As you have learned the 10 best things to do in Seattle in December, it must be easy for you to plan a trip there. You can enjoy cool walks, lively dances and some cheerful markets. There’s also something for sports and music fans.

Plus, don’t forget about the snowy mountains and delicious chocolates! So now, it’s time to put on your fun hat, have a good time and make this December in Seattle a memorable one.

What is there to do in Seattle at the end of December?

At the end of December, there are a lot of things to do in Seattle. You can enjoy boating, wine tasting, skiing and hiking throughout the winter. Plus, you can try some delicious Pacific Northwest cuisine including Seattle’s savory dishes. And to get around easily, you can make use of low-cost public transport.

Is Seattle a good Christmas destination?

Absolutely! Seattle is a good Christmas destination There are cheerful decorations, joyous markets and even snow. The city’s warm holiday mood makes it a perfect spot for spending Christmas with your loved ones. From stunning lights to seasonal events, Seattle has everything you need for a memorable Christmas visit.

What is the best month to visit Seattle?

The best months to visit Seattle are often late June to early September. That is when the weather is warmer and more relaxing. It’s the perfect time for seeing outdoor attractions and taking in the lively decor of the city. Just pack a light jacket because the weather can be a bit unpredictable.

What are some best things to do in Seattle when it rains?

The best things to do in Seattle when it rains are some Indoor attractions such as the Museum of Pop Culture and the Seattle Aquarium. You can join the well-known Pike Place Market where you can stay dry while visiting the unique shops. Plus you can enjoy a warm cup of coffee at one of Seattle’s many cafes. The rain does not dampen one’s spirits in Seattle.

How many days in Seattle is good?

Spending 3 to 4 days in Seattle is good. You can visit well-known attractions like Space Needle and Pike Place Market. Plus you can spend time seeing neighborhoods and taking a boat cruise. However, you may need a little more time if you enjoy museums and outdoor activities. It all depends on your interests.

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