Things To Do In New Orleans

10 Best Things To Do In New Orleans

Welcome to the live and deep city of New Orleans! If you’re visiting New Orleans for the first time or you are a regular traveler, this blog post is your guide to experience the 10 Best things to do in New Orleans. This is a famous city filled with fun sounds and delicious smells.

10 Best Things To Do In New Orleans

We will take you through experiences that will make you stay longer there. So, let’s go to the center of New Orleans finding the good things that are hiding all over the place. Your trip to this special place is going to be filled with culture, history and happiness!

1. Take Your Trip To Bourbon Street

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Bourbon Street in New Orleans

Visiting “Bourbon Street” is one of the best things to do in New Orleans. It is just right in the middle of New Orleans. This street is more than just an old street. It’s a strong beat that started in 1718 when the city was made. It never stops and that’s what makes it one of the top things to do in New Orleans.

If I talk about music, it plays loudly in the air. And people talk and laugh everywhere. The Neon signs turn on and restaurants stay open all day and night. Once you visit, the amazing liveliness of Bourbon Street stays in your memory for a long time. Because it encourages you to feel its power, kindness and never-ending strength.

2. Experience The Fun of the French Quarter

How Do You Spend A Day In The French Quarter?

French Quarter in New Orleans

You should visit the French Quarter if you love doing activities in New Orleans with your family. This amazing hold of the French Quarter in New Orleans is rightly called the best part of the city.

Many stories have been told about this old part over the years. Even when you go through its roads, you’ll feel a gentle bohemian feeling. It comes from the famous Bourbon Street to the art place, called “Jackson Square”.

However, every area has a special old-world charm, making it must see in the French quarter. Visit New Orleans in January to see some old shops, art places, and eateries. This incredible place is not just a place, it’s a place full of life.

The street performers perform, artists paint street scenes and old buildings like the Cabildo and St. And Louis Cathedral tell stories about the city’s exciting past. You should go right in the middle of this old part of town with lots of history. Each step sounds here like someone walking there before.

3. Try Out The Cafe du Monde

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Cafe du Monde in New Orleans

It’s time to enjoy the famous Cafe du Monde! It’s a favorite place to go in New Orleans. This famous place is known for its café au lait and hard-to-resist beignets. Besides this, you can visit beautiful and busy or maybe the quieter cafes in City Park or the mall.

Even the menu always stays yummy here and gives you the best freshly made food. However, “Cafe du Monde” isn’t just about making your mouth happy. It’s about enjoying the taste of New Orleans in every drink and bite. Now, just let the smell of coffee and the sweet taste of beignets make this cafe one of the best things to do in New Orleans, for you!

4. Have A Great Time At Moonwalk Riverside Promenade

What To Do In New Orleans In February?

Moonwalk Riverfront Park in New Orleans

In the crowded energy of New Orleans, you can take a quiet break along the “Moonwalk Riverside Walkway”. It’s another incredible thing on the list of 10 things to do in New Orleans. This quiet place makes you go to the “Mississippi River”. You can have a nice rest from this city’s busy vibes.

You can do a relaxed walk, maybe a boat trip, with this calm flow of the river. If you love fun things to do in New Orleans, see the street actors doing tricks there. You can plan a trip to New Orleans in February to relax and enjoy the river banks!

5. Enjoy The Live Vibes In Audubon Park

A couple of Things To Do In New Orleans

Audubon Park in New Orleans

Whether you have to leave a busy life or you are finding peace in nature, this park is a must-do in New Orleans. This rich park, filled with big oak trees and lots of green space shows the city cares. Even if you’re going for a walk or hanging out with friends and family, Audubon Park provides unforgettable memories.

You can enjoy nature and let it heal your soul by resting under the green trees. In this city known for parties, Audubon Park is a quiet place. It lets you breathe in fresh air and makes it one of the best couple things to do in New Orleans.

6. Spend Some Time In Museum Of Art

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Museum Of Art in New Orleans

If it’s your first time visiting New Orleans, don’t miss the amazing art at the “Art Museum”. Starting with only nine things, it has grown into a collection of more than 40,000 items. This makes it one of the most popular things to do in New Orleans. This museum has many great works from Asia and Europe.

Also, there is a park with 64 statues right next to the museum. Each statue has its own story made by skilled artists. This isn’t just a trip, it’s a deep investigation of the rich culture of New Orleans. If you love art, the Museum of Art will leave a lasting impact on your heart. It shows how the city has lots of art history.

7. Take A Look At Preservation Hall

Fun Things To Do For Teens In New Orleans

Preservation Hall in New Orleans

As you know, New Orleans is a city where music is everything. Music isn’t only a part but it’s a daily life way. In this way, The Preservation Hall has some great jazz brunches that are a treat for music fans. Get there a bit early on weekends so you can enjoy the best of this place where music happens.

You should go with friends there because this little place is super amazing for things to do in New Orleans with teens. You can have a party here as it’s a call to dance. So, what you are waiting for, get caught up in the beat and be a part of the live history that is New Orleans jazz!

8. Enjoy A Meal At Antoine’s Restaurant

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Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans

Everyone knows that New Orleans has a well-deserved reputation. You should go here for cooking history at Antoine’s Restaurant. This famous restaurant is seen creating popular dishes like “Eggs Sardou” and “Oysters Rockefeller”. These dishes are cooked in paper-wrapped fish called pompano en papillote and Pigeonneaux Paradis.

Once you visit Antoine’s Restaurant, you’ll be amazed to see its very good food. It has an amazing collection of 25,000 wine bottles. Famous people like Pope John Paul II and many American presidents have been there too. The Antoine’s Cookbook here is a great book of recipes made by the fifth-generation owner. It shows how good at cooking this place has been.

9. Take A Walk In Garden District

Romantic Things To Do in New Orleans

Garden District in New Orleans

After visiting Antoine’s Restaurant, walk through the pretty streets of the Garden District. This is a nice area with oak-lined roads and old buildings. When you walk through the Mardi Gras parade route, you’ll see cute little houses and big fancy ones. Each one has a story about how rich this place is.

At the same time, the Lafayette Cemetery gives a bit of mystery to the walk. There are so many good food spots, cool bars and street cafes on Magazine Street. This makes the Garden District a special place to visit inside. Even you should take some more time to look at and appreciate these beautiful buildings in New Orleans. This is why, this place is one of the top-most things to do in New Orleans.

10. Enjoy The Carousel Bar Vibe in New Orleans

Fun Things To Do In New Orleans

Carousel Bar in New Orleans

If you are looking for a unique photo chance then the Carousel Bar in Hotel Monteleone is best for you. This fun bar is in a famous hotel in the French Quarter. It’s now one of the best bars in the world. Visiting this incredible bar is one of the best things to do in New Orleans.

When you enter, the bar with the theme of a carousel attracts your feelings. Let me say that, this bar is not just a place to get drinks but also a cool thing to look at. This makes your New Orleans trip more fun. So, you must go there where the city shines in every spin of the carousel!

New Orleans is a place full of life. It gives you many kinds of activities that suit your likes. From the fun sounds of “Bourbon Street” to the pretty sights of “Audubon Park” and the cultural depth of the “ Art Museum”, there’s something unique for all of you.

Even if you are a foodie or like music or nature, this city has everything you need. And as you’ve found out the fun secrets of the 10 best things to do in New Orleans, it’s time to start planning your fun trip. Each spot will give you memories that last forever. It’s a special place that welcomes you with open arms and promises a memorable time at every corner!

Is 3 days enough for New Orleans?

Yes, 3 days are enough to enjoy the main attractions of New Orleans. You can visit the French Quarter, taste local food, listen to live music and enjoy important sights. A longer stay lets you enjoy more, but a quick visit can also give you a taste of this city’s exciting culture.

What is New Orleans famous for?

New Orleans is famous for its jazz music, Mardi Gras celebrations with colorful parades, and tasty Creole and Cajun cuisine. Another attraction in the French Quarter is its vibrant streets like Bourbon and its vibrant culture blending African, French and American influences.

How many days should I spend in New Orleans?

You should spend around 3-4 days in New Orleans. Besides, staying longer lets you enjoy the city’s attractions more deeply. You can have fun with its exciting culture, tasty food and fun music. In case, if you visit the French Quarter, must taste local food. You’ll enjoy this special feel.

Why is New Orleans so fun?

New Orleans is so fun because it has great music, tasty food and exciting culture. The city’s special mix of jazz, Cajun and Creole tastes makes it full of excitement. Also, its friendly people, festivals, shows on the street and a feel of history make the New Orleans trip very fun.

Is New Orleans cheap to visit?

You can visit New Orleans without spending too much money. However, there are different types of places to stay, eat and have fun there. But at the same time, affordable choices also exist. Eating cheap food from street vendors, visiting free places like parks or live music shows and using buses can help you save a lot of money.

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