Best Things to do in Portland

10 Best Things to do in Portland

Portland warmly welcomes families and kids in the heart of creativity and a liberal spirit with its vibrant atmosphere and an array of delightful experiences. The city offers a playground of endless exploration for both kids and adults from innovative food trucks to bold street art.

10 Best Things to Do in Portland To Explore

If you are choosing where to eat then in Portland it becomes a delightful challenge with numerous delicious options. Portland caters to diverse interests beyond the culinary delights whether your kids are into science, animals, video games or outdoor adventures.

10 Best Places to Visit in Portland

Portland city boasts kids-friendly attractions, sweet treats and attractive parks while making it a haven for young adventurers. So, it is recommended to visit Portland for an ideal destination for a memorable family getaway.

1- Oregon Zoo

Oregon Zoo in Denver for young adult

The Oregon Zoo is nestled in Portland. Moreover, the expansive 64-acre Oregon Zoo is a major draw in the Pacific Northwest which is attracting over 1.5 million visitors annually. Next, this is considered home to a diverse array of wildlife because this zoo offers an amazing experience for families and nature lovers.

Moreover, it provides a unique opportunity for visitors to connect with animals while contributing to the zoo’s commitment to biodiversity preservation.

2- The Oaks Amusement Park

The Oaks Amusement Park in Denver for young adult

This assumed park was established in 1905. Furthermore, the Oaks Amusement Park holds the distinction of being one of America’s oldest continually operating amusement parks. The park offers a delightful mix of thrill rides, family attractions, and classic amusements which is beyond its historical significance.

The Oaks remains a timeless destination that blends nostalgia with the excitement of modern amusements. Moreover, it has features such as go-carts, miniature golf and the largest roller skating rink west of the Mississippi.

3- Multnomah Falls


Multnomah Falls in Denver for young adult

Multnomah Falls stands as the tallest waterfall in Oregon, cascading down 620 feet in the Columbia River Gorge. Moreover, this place is accessible from the Historic Columbia River Highway and Interstate 84.

This is a reason that these falls captivate visitors with their natural beauty and scenic surroundings. On the other hand, the tiered structure by setting against basalt cliffs makes Multnomah Falls a picturesque destination.

4- My Local Library

My Local Library in Denver for young adult

Portland’s local libraries play a crucial role in fostering family and kid’s learning and community engagement. These libraries can consistently post events to the KidsOutAndAbout calendar to offer a plethora of free activities that celebrate education and imagination.

Likewise, these libraries provide valuable resources, ensuring and recognizing dedicated children’s librarians. Overall, this is also recommended that families across Portland have access to enriching experiences that promote literacy and a love for learning.

5- World Forestry Center


World Forestry Center in Denver for young adult

This amazing center was founded in 1966. On the other hand, the World Forestry Center is a nonprofit dedicated to championing sustainable forestry practices. The center engages in important conversations and collaborations with a focus on shaping a society that values and supports the economic, ecological and social aspects of forests.

This World Forestry Center contributes to the understanding and appreciation of the vital role forests play in our world by providing educational resources. Moreover, it is also working as an essential institution for those passionate about environmental sustainability.

6- Aircraft Aviation Museum

Aircraft Aviation Museum in Denver for young adult

The Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum brings history to life by exhibiting meticulously restored aircraft at its museum and various aviation events. Correspondingly, the museum actively participates in educational outreach by offering lectures to schools, service clubs and organizations interested in aviation history.

The museum dynamically preserves and shares aviation’s legacy in Portland as a living history institution. Finally, it adds an interactive dimension to the city’s culture and education.

7- Lee Farms

Lee Farms in Denver for young adult

Lee Farms opened to the public in 1869 stands as a testament to generational continuity. Furthermore, it is providing diverse experiences while maintaining the integrity of its 1869 roots. This place is situated in Tualatin, Oregon which is the farm that adapts to contemporary demands while preserving its agricultural heritage.

Amazingly, the visitors can explore the farm throughout the year by enjoying the intersection of tradition and modernity. Even more, they engage in activities that celebrate the farm’s rich history and connection to the community.

8- The Wiggle Room

The Wiggle Room in Denver for young adult

The Wiggle Room, located in NE Portland’s Hollywood district stands out as a specially designed play space catering to kids aged 6 months to 6 years. One of the interesting points is that it was founded by a local, experienced, and licensed pediatric occupational therapist whose name is Jessica Wade.

On the other side, the Wiggle Room offers a clean and safe environment for children to play. The place can create a balanced and enjoyable experience for both parents and little ones. Besides, the kids get their wiggles out and parents can enjoy a coffee, beer or glass of wine here.

9- Leach Botanical Garden

Leach Botanical Garden in Denver for young adult

Next, this garden is located in outer SE Portland. Further, the garden invites families to explore an urban oasis with scenic trails, open meadows and engaging educational programs. Lastly, it is a perfect retreat for nature lovers seeking kids with a peaceful escape within the city.

10- Portland Japanese Garden

Portland Japanese Garden in Denver for young adult

On the other hand, this garden is situated in Washington Park. And, the Japanese Garden attracts visitors with its eight unique garden styles while providing a serene escape overlooking the city. Moreover, it offers breathtaking views of Mt. Hood. Each garden style unfolds a distinct chapter in the narrative of tranquility.

11- Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals

Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks & Minerals in Denver for young adult

The museum houses an exceptional collection of rocks and minerals which is set in a charming mid-century ranch-style home on a sprawling 23-acre property. In addition, visitors can visit this educational journey by exploring Earth’s geological wonders in a picturesque setting.

12- Topaz Farm

Topaz Farm in Denver for young adult

The Topaz farm is located on Sauvie Island which is a family-owned working farm that prioritizes regenerative practices. The farm welcomes visitors with diverse activities beyond its 130 acres of natural beauty. Lastly,  this farm provides an authentic farm experience and a glimpse into sustainable agriculture.

Is Portland a good city for kids?

Portland is great for kids. Because there are friendly neighborhoods such as Eastmoreland and Laurelhurst where you can easily find parks and schools. Places like Sellwood also have lots of activities for families. Parks and playgrounds are everywhere that are perfect for fun family outings.

What is Portland best known for?

Portland is famous for being a green city that loves bikes which is surrounded by nature. It has lots of coffee, art, tasty food and live music. Moreover, people here are creative and celebrate being unique which is often called “weird.”

Does Portland have an aquarium?

Yes, Portland has an aquarium called the Portland Aquarium. It lets you get close to many animals such as sharks, octopuses, stingrays, reptiles, birds and more. Furthermore, you can even interact with, feed and touch the animals during special encounters.

Does Portland have a zoo?

Yes, Portland has a zoo called the Oregon Zoo. It is a popular attraction featuring a variety of animals, exhibits, and educational programs. Even more, visitors can explore and learn about wildlife from around the world in this well-known zoo.

Is Portland a cheap city?

Living in Portland is a bit pricier than the average in Oregon, costing about 10% more, and it’s 23% higher than the national average. Housing in Portland is notably more expensive, around 60% above the U.S. average. But utilities are a bit more affordable about 8% less than average.




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