Things To Do In Seattle For Locals

Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle For Locals

Are you excited to find out the top 10 things to do in Seattle for locals? If so, then be prepared for an exciting tour. We have selected some unique things to do in Seattle Washington, especially for you!

Top 10 Things To Do In Seattle For Locals

This guide will show you the best local things like fun places, great shows and whale-watching. It will also lead you to tasty food spots. So, without further ado, let’s check out some amazing places to go in Seattle!

1. Visit The Capitol Hill – Seattle’s Most Fun Neighbourhood

Capitol Hill in Seattle

One of the best Seattle experiences is experiencing Capitol Hill. This Hill in Seattle is like a huge playground. There’s a fun place called Volunteer Park” in it. In this park, you can play and discover more cool things to do in Seattle.

Moreover, this area is well-known for its tasty cafes and special shops. You can taste yummy dishes from all around the world. It’s really a nice spot for all!

2. Watch The Live Shows – Best For Live Music And Entertainment

Live Shows in Seattle

Many people love being somewhere where music makes the heart feel good. In this case, we’ve got some unique places in Seattle like Neumos and The Crocodile!

The bands play wonderful music here. And you can also see fun shows at theaters like Paramount and Moore. This special music world makes it one of the top 10 things to do in Seattle for locals!

3. Get The Best Whale-Watching Views – Best Place To Look For Sea Creatures

Whale Watching in Seattle

Watching whales is one of the top quirky things to do in Seattle for locals. The waters of Seattle have many big friends called whales. You can take a special tour to meet them.

However, you can ask a nice captain to drive you on a boat if you want. They know everything about whales. It’s like taking an ocean tour while learning about these amazing creatures.

4. Tour The Famous Boeing Factory – Best For Unique And Educational Tour

Famous Boeing Factory in Seattle

Did you ever think about how aeroplanes are built? Well, think no more now because the Boeing factory is like a big play area for aeroplanes. You can watch various types being made, such as the 777 and 787.

There’s a fun shop that sells exciting aeroplane things that you can take home with you. And this makes it one of the best Seattle activities for adults.

5. See The Snoqualmie Falls – Top Choice For Escaping The City Rush

Snoqualmie Falls in Seattle

Let’s just stop the city rush by going to Snoqualmie Falls for a while. This place is like a huge waterfall picture. You can walk on a trail with trees all around and see amazing views.

There are special journeys that take you there, making it one of the top 10 things to do in Seattle for locals. You should visit this for unique experiences in Seattle!

6. Enjoy A Sightseeing Boat Tour – Best Place For Night-Time Fun

Sightseeing Boat Tour in Seattle

If you love to see the city from a boat, then it’s time to try a boat tour! They offer tours during the day and even at night. This is actually one of the best things to do in Seattle at night.

You can have fun eating a yummy buffet dinner on this boat. The folks on it will share exciting tales about this city, making it one of the unique Seattle experiences!

7. Have Fun At Ghost Tour – Best Spot For Spooky Fun In Seattle

Seattle Ghost Tours

Here come the things to do in Seattle for young adults. You should prepare yourself for some scary fun at Ghost Tour. It brings you to strange spots and tells scary tales.

But don’t worry, it isn’t just scary, it is also enjoyable with something truly terrifying. When you visit there, it feels like discovering hidden parts of Seattle’s past!

8. Visit Hats ‘n’ Boots Park – Top Spot For An Amazing Cowboy Tour

Hats 'n' Boots Park in Seattle

Visiting the Hats ‘n’ Boots Park is one of the most incredible things to do near Seattle. It has big cowboy boots and a hat you can take photos with. Besides, joining this park by yourself, you can also bring your kids here.

It’s like joining a cowboy tour to have a lot of fun there. Even Elvis found it so cool that he visited this amazing place!

9. Join The Burlesque Shows – Best For Triple Door Special Night

Burlesque Shows in Seattle

If you want a night of high-class entertainment, visit a burlesque show. Its Triple Door feels like a special spot for live music and dancing. They even have a special Christmas show for you.

However, if you want to have dinner while watching the show, visit the Can Can Cabaret. They make super tasty beignets you’ll never forget!

10. Try Beecher’s Handmade Cheese – Must-Visit Place For Food Lovers

Beecher's Handmade Cheese in Seattle

Beecher’s is a place you have to see at the Pike Place Market. It’s extremely great for food. You can see them make cheese right in front of you! It’s a wonderful option for those who are looking for the top 10 things to do in Seattle for locals.

And then, if you feel like eating, go for their mac and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches. These are like a delicious dream come true, and your mouth will thank you!

Seattle has many fun things to do, like live music at Neumos and exciting whale-watching. It also includes a visit to the Boeing Factory Tour on Capitol Hill. If you love nature, you can visit Snoqualmie Falls. Even though, a boat tour here gives you a special experience.

Especially The Ghost Tour makes this list of Top 10 things to do in Seattle for locals, very interesting to read. Furthermore, The Triple Door and Can Can Cabaret are also great places to go in Seattle. So, grab your bags and get ready for a super fun trip.

Are Seattle locals friendly?

Absolutely! People from Seattle are kind and are famous for their warm feelings. If you need help with directions or just want to talk, you’ll probably see friendly smiles and people who can help. That’s what makes Seattle a nice and welcoming city!

Is Seattle a good or bad city?

Seattle is usually thought of as a nice city. It has a lot to offer, like pretty views, different areas and a lively culture. But just like any city, different people have different experiences. And it’s all about what you like or dislike. In short, lots of people think Seattle is a nice place to live and go.

What are the issues in Seattle?

Seattle has issues like homeless people, high house prices and lots of cars on the road. For some people, housing can be costly which makes it hard. And when the city gets crowded because it’s growing, people talk about how to improve transportation. Even with these problems, Seattle keeps trying to find ways to improve everything!

Is it safe to walk downtown Seattle?

Usually, it’s okay to walk around the city center of Seattle. Like any city, it’s very important to know what’s going on around you and take normal safety steps such as watching your things carefully and using roads that have lots of light, especially at night. In short, the downtown area of Seattle is a busy spot for both regular people and visitors. It has a lot of stores, places to eat, and interesting activities!

Is Seattle a clean city?

Yes, Seattle is known for being a pretty clean city. This city really cares about protecting the environment. But, like any city area, some neighborhoods may differ in how clean they are. All in all, Seattle’s work on handling waste and protecting the environment makes it known as a tidy and earth-friendly place.

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