Best Things To Do In Seattle For Free

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Free

Are you trying to find out the things to do in Seattle for free or just planning a trip to enjoy low-cost stuff there? If so, we have got you covered. This list includes fun activities that don’t cost any money. We’ve got walks and trips to fun spots covered for cheap stuff fun.

10 Best Things To Do In Seattle For Free

Our blog post doesn’t just list low-cost items, but also things that don’t cost anything at all. So, are you ready to look at things to do in Seattle without spending money or little cost? Let’s check out the best free events in Seattle!

1. Visit The Discovery Park – Top Free Attraction In Seattle

Discovery Park in Seattle

One of the best free things to do in Seattle Washington is to take a walk in Discovery Park. This park is a city-nature blend having stunning water views and mountains. It’s like a secret garden close to the city.

In fact, you should start at the South Parking Lot. Then walk the Loop Trail and find the South Beach Trail leading to a cool lighthouse. If you have a plan to do a lot of free activities in Seattle, then bring a blanket, pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful sunset!

2. Enjoy Seattle’s Coffee Scene – Best Spot For Affordable Coffee

Seattle Coffee Scenes

As everyone loves coffee and you are one of them too. So, in this case, Seattle’s got tons of cool coffee shops. Enjoying coffee is one of the best fun cheap things to do in Seattle.

You can come out with friends, family or even by yourself. It costs only 5$ or less. However, you should must try a low-cost coffee once in your life!

3. Visit The Pike Place Market – Top Seattle Market For No Cost

Pike Place Market  in Seattle

When it comes to Pike Place Market, this market is like the heart of Seattle. You can check it out without even spending money as it’s free of cost.

Wandering around and looking at the beautiful flowers, fresh food and handcrafted things makes it one of the top things to do in Seattle for free. Just don’t miss this place’s fish for a fun show. However, to avoid crowds, the best time to visit this is in the morning.

4. Have Fun At The Gum Wall – Fresh Gum Creativity Spot

Seattle Gum Wall

If you want free things to do in Seattle this weekend then Gum Wall is the place to visit. It is just right near Pike Place Market, at 1428 Post Alley. It’s a little bit weird but also cool and unique.

You can capture fun photos here or even add your own gum art. They actually cleaned it in 2015. So, it’s fresh and ready for more gum creativity!

5. Tour The Seattle Public Library Wonder – Best For Seattle Free Wi-Fi hotspot

Seattle Public Library

Now, it’s time to check out one of the top free attractions in Seattle, Seattle Central Library downtown. It’s really an amazing building to have fun. You can do a lot of Seattle free activities here.

You can use computers, enjoy free Wi-Fi, try the Short Story Dispenser and even look for hidden murals. And if you have a Seattle library card, you can even get more things to do in Seattle for free, including museum access.

6. Visit Washington Park Arboretum – Best Spot For Free Plant Paradise

Washington Park Arboretum in Seattle

Visiting the Washington Park Arboretum is one of the best free things to do in Seattle today. This incredible park is full of amazing plants by Lake Washington.

If you love cherry blossoms or in fall for vibrant leaves, you should visit in spring here. And the best thing is that it’s free to visit any day of the year!

7. Cool Off With A Swim On Sunny Days – Top Free Activity In Warm Seattle

Swimming in Seattle

Many people love the summer season to visit Seattle. If you are one of them you can head to Golden Gardens or Alki Beach for a free swim. This is the best free stuff to do in Seattle when it’s warm inside.

Even though, you can feel the sandy beaches at these popular spots. Seattleites also love swimming in Lake Washington and Green Lake, making it the most popular thing to do in Seattle for free!

8. Bike Fun On Burke-Gilman Trail – Best For Zero-Cost Day With Friends

Burke-Gilman Trail in Seattle

Here comes a zero-cost day, filled with scenery and exercise. For the best free things in Seattle experience, just take your bike on Seattle’s Burke-Gilman trail and survey the city.

This is a fun way to see lots of cool stuff without spending a penny. Although to have a lasting memory of this bike adventure, you should go with your friends!

9. Take A Look At Amazon Spheres – Must-See In Seattle Without Cost

Amazon Spheres in Seattle

In terms of things to do in Seattle for free, Amazon Spheres is at the top of the list. There is no better place to see rare plants worldwide than the Amazon sphere.

These are the special buildings made for Amazon employees. But you can still admire them from the outside for free. If you want to go inside, make a reservation early as spots fill up fast!

10. Go Through The Skyline Views – Best Spot For Budget-Friendly Fun

Skyline Views in Seattle

Even though Seattle’s skyline is written at the end of the list, it leads the list. You don’t need to spend a lot here to have fun. You can even skip the pricey Space Needle and can head to Gas Works Park. This is one of the best things to do in Seattle.

You can have some relaxation on the grassy hills and enjoy the view over Lake Union. However, you can even watch some amazing families and dogs having fun there. You should check out Kerry Park on Queen Anne Hill for a free view of the entire skyline, including the Space Needle!

There is an awesome list of the 10 best things to do in Seattle for free! You can enjoy it at Discovery Park or Pike Place Market. The Gum Wall is a bit strange but fun at the same time. If you love nature then Washington Park Arboretum is the place you should must see.

Even though, for swimming, Golden Gardens or Alki Beach is a great place to go. If you love Biking, Burke-Gilman Trail is a lot of fun. Gas Works Park or Kerry Park is also one of the Seattle free things to do. In this way, you can enjoy yourself without spending any money.

What food is Seattle famous for?

Seattle is famous for its fresh seafood, especially the salmon from the Pacific Northwest region. You should try famous foods like clam chowder in sourdough bowls and enjoy the city’s coffee scene. Visit Pike Place Market also to taste different types of food in Seattle.

Can you live without a car in Seattle?

Yes, it’s possible to live in Seattle without a car. This town has a good public travel system, with buses, light trains and other choices. Moreover, Seattle is famous for being good for bikes and many areas can easily be walked. Whether or not to live without a car is based on what someone likes, their way of life and where they live in Seattle.

Is driving easy in Seattle?

Driving in Seattle can be hard because of lots of cars and hard roads. But the city keeps its roads good. How easy it is to drive changes depends on personal feelings and knowing the area well.

What sport is Seattle famous for?

Seattle is very famous for its excited fans and love for sports, mostly in American football.
This city’s favorite football team, the Seattle Seahawks, is well-known. Their games at CenturyLink Field are big happenings.

Is Seattle a foodie town?

Yes, Seattle is seen as a place for people who love food. This city has a lively food area with different kinds of restaurants and food shops. They use fresh, close-by-grown food. From seafood to new farm-based eating, Seattle gives great food experiences for everyone.

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