Things to do in denver in winter

Things to do in Denver in winter

Things to do in Denver in winter: Winter in Denver brings a mix of exciting events and beautiful weather with 300 days of sunshine each year. The city’s lively neighborhoods offer trendy restaurants, vibrant street art and major attractions. Whether you’re with family, a partner, traveling solo or in a group Denver has something for everyone. Don’t worry about running out of activities because there is always something to see and do.

Things to do in Denver in winter

The Denver business owners are also lucky that even in the slow season locals and tourists want the cold. There’s plenty to keep you busy in the city from museums to ice skating at Skyline Park. Moreover, you can enjoy hot chocolate at Union Station throughout this winter season in Dever. Next, our guide also includes day trips to destinations perfect for skiing, snowshoeing and other outdoor adventures.

Things to do in Denver in December

We’ve curated excellent suggestions that are according to every interest, budget and atmosphere. You can also plan a romantic December getaway or just explore the winter magic of Colorado whether you’re seeking family-friendly attractions.

Moreover, our guide will you help to find the best place to visit during these winter vacations. Overall, you can get into the festive spirit and uncover the best things to do in Denver this December while ensuring a season filled with joy and memorable experiences.

Top 10 Things to do in Denver in winter 

Winter in Denver offers a pleasant surprise with mild temperatures which average around 45 degrees Fahrenheit and occasional days reaching a comfortable 60 degrees. Unlike many cities, snow in Denver doesn’t linger and allows outdoor cafes and attractions to remain open throughout the year.

Moreover, the combination of favorable weather and the nearby snowy mountains creates a perfect setting for winter activities in Denver.

Denver holds a special place as one of my preferred year-round destinations, especially during the winter. The city boasts a distinctive culture that can set it apart from others. Denverites prioritize the environment and relish outdoor activities to create a laid-back atmosphere. Winter in Denver is truly enchanting. Here are some of my favorite winter activities in this unique city.

1- Denver Museum of Art

Denver Museum of Art

First of all, you have the ability into the world of art at the Denver Museum of Art which is a large and dynamic space. Moreover, you can explore ever-changing exhibits that showcase a wide variety of art forms. So, it is recommended that you don’t miss the interactive section where you can improve your creativity and craft your masterpieces beyond traditional drawing.

2- Visit Markets

Denver Markets

Next, it is recommended that you should engage yourself in the lively atmosphere of Denver’s markets. Furthermore, you should check out Milk Market which is housed in a historic dairy farm to offer diverse food options.

Likewise, the City Market is close to many breweries in LoDo to provide a delightful experience with tempting ice cream and beverages. Overall, these markets showcase Denver’s culinary diversity and are perfect for a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

3- Union Station

Union Station in Denver

Next, you can also visit Union Station which is not just for its functionality but also its aesthetic charm. Moreover, you can find a delightful coffee shop inside that offers nitro brews to accompany your exploration of the station’s shops. Lastly, it’s not just a transportation hub but it is the best destination for winter that is worth savoring.

4- Clifford Still Museum 

Clifford Still Museum  in Denver

Now, you can experience the artistry of Clifford Still at this museum which is nestled next to the Denver Art Museum. Even more, you will be amazed at the vibrant galleries which are illuminated by natural light in winter as well Christmas. Moreover, these are perfectly complementing but still colorful paintings. Overall, these are cheap things to do in Denver in winter because it is like a peaceful and fascinating trip into the world of abstract art.

5- Shop at Denver Pavilions Downtown

Denver Pavilions Downtown

At this moment, you should give way in a shopping spree along downtown Denver’s Main Street at the Denver Pavilions. The shops cater to diverse tastes even from high-end luxury items to outdoor gear. Lastly, you can explore the bustling urban center and discover unique finds in the heart of the city.

6- Walk or Icefish in Georgetown 

Georgetown in denver

Next, there are more fun things to do in Denver in winter such as you can take an unexpected detour to Georgetown for a truly unique winter experience. The frozen lake invites you to walk, fish and even drive on the ice. Moreover, it is like an adventure that captures the essence of a Colorado winter to provide a memorable stop on your travel to Georgetown.

7- Go Skiing/Snowboarding

Skiing in denver

If you are fond of skiing or snowboarding then embrace the thrill of winter sports in the stunning Colorado landscape. Next, it is recommended that you should head to Arapahoe Basin for an affordable day of skiing or snowboarding which is surrounded by fresh powder. Next, you can plan for the best deals to ensure a day of exhilarating runs and breathtaking mountain views.

8- Hang out in Breckenridge

Denver Breckenridge

In Denver, you will amazed by the charm of Breckenridge which is a picturesque town with a vibrant atmosphere. So, you should get into this delicious Pho to explore boutiques filled with affordable and stylish clothing. Overall, you can savor the warmth of local hospitality here. Breckenridge offers a delightful escape into a winter wonderland even if you visit here day or night.

9- Go on a snowy hike

winter hikes in Denver

Further, if you want cool things to do in Denver in winter then you should unchain the adventurer in you with snowy hikes near Denver. Because at this Denver you can experience the magic of snow-covered trails near Breckenridge and Loveland Pass.

Moreover, these snow-covered trails can reveal breathtaking views. Even more, you can explore Rocky Mountain National Park for snowshoeing adventures by discovering the serene beauty of nature transformed by winter’s touch. Overall, it is suggested to check out these tips for a memorable winter hike in the Rockies.

10- Brewery Tours

Brewery Tours in Denver

Denver’s love for craft beer comes alive in brewery tours. So, if you go there, you’ll pass through the LoDo district, which has lots of breweries. You can consider embarking on Visit Denver’s self-guided brewery tour.

Further, you can join a group tour for a deeper dive into the history of the neighborhood and Denver’s thriving beer culture. Because it is not just a tasting but it is like an adventure through Denver’s brewing scene.

11- Denver Zoo Lights 

Denver Zoo Lights  

There are also many kid-friendly things to do in Denver in winter. For example, in Denver, the kids can experience the magic of the holiday season at the Denver Zoo Lights. Moreover, they can walk through the illuminated pathways adorned with festive lights, animated animal sculptures and seasonal decorations.

Denver is also the best place to visit with family. The Denver also offers many family-friendly events with captivating displays of colors to create a joyful atmosphere that’s perfect for all ages.

12- Downtown Denver Ice Rink

Downtown Denver Ice Rink

Next, you can lace up your skates and glide across the Downtown Denver Ice Rink. This place is nestled in the city’s heart because this outdoor rink provides a picturesque setting surrounded by skyscrapers and city lights. The rink offers a cheerful environment for a winter adventure if you’re a seasoned skater or a novice.

13- Christkindl Market

Christkindl Market Denver

Denver is also famous for its old-world charm of Christkindl Market. This market is located in Skyline Park which is a traditional German market to transforms downtown Denver into a winter wonderland. Furthermore, you can explore wooden vendor stalls offering crafts, gifts and delectable treats. The festive ambiance, live music and warm beverages make it a delightful spot to get proper holiday spirit.

14- Winter Brew Fest

Winter Brew Fest in Denver

There are also many things to do in Denver in winter other than skiing. For example, the Winter Brew Fest is a must-attend event in December. Here you can sample an array of seasonal and specialty beers from local and national breweries. Next, this festival is often held indoors to keep you cozy while providing a fantastic opportunity to savor unique flavors and celebrate the diversity of the craft beer scene.

15- Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light

Botanic Gardens Denver

The family things to do in Denver in winter include botanic gardens and blossoms of light. At this event, you can also revel in the enchanting beauty of the Botanic Gardens Blossoms of Light. Furthermore, this annual event transforms the Denver Botanic Gardens into a mesmerizing winter landscape with thousands of twinkling lights. Lastly, you can enjoy synchronized music and light shows through themed displays.

Is Denver worth visiting in winter?

The city’s vibrant neighborhoods are packed with the hippest must-try restaurants, vivid street art and major attractions. You should acclimate to the altitude in The Mile High City with urban adventures galore before heading up to the Rocky Mountains and ski resorts.

How many days do you need in Denver?

Three days in Denver offer a satisfying taste of the city’s vibrant culture, parks, museums, and historic sites. A short stay allows for a rich exploration of Denver’s diverse attractions while weeks or months would reveal even more.

Is it an easy drive from Denver to Colorado Springs?

The drive from Denver to Colorado Springs is straightforward, particularly via I-25 which serves as the optimal direct route. This highway passes through Castle Rock to provide a convenient stop for essentials like gas and food. The journey along I-25 showcases stunning landscapes, making the drive enjoyable and scenic.

What is Denver known for?

Denver is renowned for its world-class museums, exceptional breweries and significant historical landmarks. The nickname ‘Mile High City’ reflects its elevated position in the mountains, just one aspect of its well-deserved fame.

What food is Denver most known for?

Denver is famous for its green chile, a standout dish in the city’s vibrant food scene. Additionally, Rocky Mountain Oysters and Denver-style pizza contribute to the local culinary identity. Lastly, the city also boasts diverse Mexican food, barbecue and bison dishes.

Overall, it is finalized that the magic of Denver in winter with a host of delightful activities is perfect for this winter. From festive lights brightening the city to charming holiday markets, there’s something for everyone.

Lace up your skates for a joyful spin on downtown ice rinks, or immerse yourself in the enchanting glow of the Botanic Gardens’ Blossoms of Light. Explore the city’s rich cultural scene in warm museums or embark on snowy hikes near Denver.


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