Best Things to do in Baltimore

10 Best Things to do in Baltimore

Have you ever tried on a super cool journey to Baltimore on vacation? If not? I’m here to reveal the 10 Best Things to Do in Baltimore. After reading all about it, I am sure you are going to plan a trip there!

10 Best Things to Do in Baltimore

Baltimore is a city full of awesome places and exciting things to do. It’s not just for grown-ups, even kids can have a great time there! Just think of Baltimore as a big playground with tons of fun waiting for you! So, are you ready to have some fun together?

Let’s take a look inside Baltimore and the ten greatest spots to visit with your family!

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Baltimore

In this city, there are both new and old places to visit. We’re going to check out the top 10 places that everyone loves. So, let’s get ready for an exciting tour of the best spots in Baltimore!

1. Inner Harbor – Best For Waterfront Restaurants


Inner Harbor in Baltimore

If I talk about Inner Harbor attractions, I would say that it’s a place where History, Fun, Shopping and Dining Meet! It is like a special place to visit by the water. Just start your day from the National Aquarium where you can enjoy looking at sea animals.

After that walk to the Maryland Science Center, a place with fun activities for some crazy minds. These include hands-on experiments and a planetarium. At the end of the day, visit the Inner Harbor’s best restaurants to taste yummy local seafood. In this way, you can enjoy the atmosphere as well.

But that’s not enough! There’s a place called Harborplace and The Gallery on Pratt Street, where you can not just have fun but also shop till you drop. They have tons of shops and restaurants to eat, just right on the pretty waterfront.

Although. In Baltimore’s Little Italy, you can find things like fancy gourmet food and delicious Italian meals. They even have food from different countries. Plus you can try lots of fresh seafood from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay also. In short, shopping, dining and enjoying all the views in only one place is like a treasure trove!

Here is the List of Best Things to Do in Baltimore

2. Fort McHenry – Best Place To Visit For National Monuments

Fort McHenry in Baltimore

Many people ask why is Fort McHenry important. It is because it is like an old book filled with stories of War. Stories like a big battle in American history during the War of 1812. Just think of walking around the fort, exploring old buildings and letting your mind travel back in time. Isn’t it a cool thing? But there’s more you think. You can fill the air with excitement by taking pictures of soldiers in uniform.

Here are the Fort Mchenry fun facts! Fort McHenry isn’t just about history, it’s also a great place to stretch your legs! As a National Park site, the grounds around the fort are freely open for everyone. You can follow the path for walking, running or even for biking. There are plenty of rooms also. You can easily have a picnic or play with friends and family there.

Remember the most important thing, don’t forget the Fort Mchenry Flag Ceremony that happens every day. This ceremony is like a special reminder of how important this place is in America’s story! Once you visit that place your heart will fill with holy spirit and peace. In this way, you can enjoy a mix of history, exercise and fun all in one spot!

3. Fells Point – Best Spot For Live Music Experiences

Fells Point in Baltimore

Get ready for a time machine that can take you back to the old days. Yes, I am talking about the Fell points. With bumpy streets and a sea breeze, you can refresh your past moments. If I talk about the day, then there are too many small shops where you can find the neighborhood’s ancient stories.

But when the sun decides to take a break, Fells Point wakes up to a live party! There are then musical things that fill the air, where everyone is out to have a good time. Fells Point bars, pubs and live music turn it into a super cool place for everyone to enjoy.

The excitement doesn’t end here. The fun fact remains. Fell’s Point has the most locally-owned bars and restaurants in the whole United States! Eclectic shops and quirky boutiques are scattered here and there. There is something for every taste in these shops.

Whether you’re a good morning breakfast lover, burger enthusiast or just a craving person, Fells Point has it all. All you need to do is explore the bars, restaurants and shops and find your favorites.

4. The Walters Art Museum – Best Collection For Italian Paintings

Walters Art Museum in Baltimore

A Walters Art Museum is like a journey through history. It’s a place where art from all over the world tells stories from the past. You can walk through rooms that are filled with ancient things like statues and masterpieces of Italian paintings.

A wide range of art from different cultures and eras can also be found here just like Marvel at paintings, sculptures, manuscripts, textiles and more from places like ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, Japan, India, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

You can take advantage of the museum’s educational programs and resources also. These resources are designed for visitors of all ages! Besides, you can find unique things like a 13th-century Ethiopian icon, a 9th-century illuminated manuscript from the Carolingian empire and a 1st-century Roman sarcophagus.

Embed yourself in the beauty of the museum’s five historic buildings. These include a former mansion and a former library. While exploring all these things, take a stroll in the museum’s garden for a captivating collection!

5. Baltimore Museum of Art – Best Place To Visit For Artwork


Museum of Art in Baltimore

The Baltimore Museum of Art exhibits are like a treasure chest of art including nearly 95,000 paintings from various periods. It’s the place where you can find all the artistic treasures at BMA. It has a giant art collection where you can find everything. From brand-new art to really old art this museum has it all. You can discover different styles and colors in it.

You can see a world-class collection including Marvel works by famous artists like Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Andy Warhol. There are special exhibitions that bring art from all over the world to the BMA. You should get to see those unique artworks that aren’t usually on display.

Besides, the more captivating thing is BMA educational programs like lectures, tours and workshops. You can visit a library to find books about art history. Plus you can learn more about your favorite artworks also.

After all, the BMA is not just a museum, it’s a place where people gather to experience art and culture. So, as a first-time visitor, you can join these programs and events designed for all interests!

6. Maryland Science Center – Best Destination For Dinosaurs Enthusiasts

Maryland Science Center in Baltimore

The Maryland Science Center is like a playground for science lovers. You can go there if you want to have fun while learning cool stuff. Imagine three floors filled with things you can touch, a huge space area and shows that make science exciting for you, especially for kids!

One of the biggest reasons Maryland Science Center is famous is its Newton’s Valley Yard & Garden. It is the most fun area with simple fun activities for kids and adults of all ages. Just try lifting yourself while sitting, play a harp with no strings, make a cloud and do a bunch of physics experiments. Plus, don’t miss the Rube Goldberg contraption, it’s a super cool activity!

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? This exhibit hall is larger than life and has a huge ‘wow!’ factor! You can see how big dinosaurs were and enjoy hands-on exhibits there. So, whether you’re into physics experiments, fascinated by dinosaurs or just want to play in the water, the Maryland Science Center has something awesome for everyone!

7. Camden Yards – Best Destination For Orioles Fans

Camden Yards in Baltimore

Camden Yards is like a superstar baseball stadium. It’s not just for watching games but also it’s a place where the excitement of baseball comes alive with a super cool design that mixes old and new.

Right next to Camden Yards, there are awesome bars where fans, team staff and sometimes players hang out before and after games. Also, Pickles Pub is a go-to spot, with indoor and outdoor bars for the ideal pre-game party. Other cool bars nearby include Sliders Bar & Grill and The Bullpen, these are like a triple dose of fun!

Across the bars, there are plenty of food at Camden Yards with fresh grilled treats and pan-fried crab cakes. However, they might not have crab-dip-covered waffle fries but a five-dollar Italian sausage is a whole-day winner.

Camden Yards isn’t just about the game but also there are tons of places within walking distance. So, whether you’re cheering for your favorite team, enjoying a pre-game party or munching on delicious ballpark snacks, Camden Yards is a must-visit place!

8. American Visionary Art Museum – Best Stop For Unique Plastic Swan Bus

American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore

The American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) is a special place where artists who taught themselves create amazing art. This museum has over 4,000 works made by regular people, like homemakers, farmers and war veterans. They used everyday things like old clothes and toothpicks.

You’ll see a bus with plastic swans and a three-story wind sculpture made from junk at the entrance. If I talk about the Inside part, there’s even a welcome mat made from 1,500 toothbrushes! This art is different and personal which gives you a new way of thinking.

AVAM is very easy to reach by bus and is closed on Mondays, Christmas and Thanksgiving. A lot of people say it’s a unique experience, even though it doesn’t have famous art. So, if you like creativity and a different perspective, AVAM is the place for you!

9. Druid Hill Park – Best Place For Maryland Wildlife Wonders

Druid Hill Park in Baltimore

Druid Hill Park is a big, green place in the city. It is a perfect spot for a fun day. You can walk on paths, see a calm lake and check out the Rawlings Conservatory, a pretty building with lots of lovely plants.

This is the biggest park in Baltimore and is super old. It’s surrounded by neighborhoods like Reservoir Hill and Woodberry that have cool old houses.

Besides nature, this park has neat stuff like the Maryland Zoo and a fun 18-hole disc golf course. If you are interested in biking and walking, there’s a trail called Jones Falls Trail starting from here.

This is the best way to explore within the city. So, whether you want a calm walk, a family picnic or to see amazing things, Druid Hill Park is the place to go!

10. Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum – Best Spot To Know About Poe’s Life and Legacy

Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum in Baltimore

The Edgar Allan Poe House and Museum is a cool place for people who love stories. It’s where the famous writer, Edgar Allan Poe, used to live. You can learn about his life by reading his famous poem “The Raven.” By reading it, you can feel the spooky atmosphere of his house.

If you visit this museum on a weekend, you can take a tour all by yourself. Once you visit, try to explore the very walls that sparked Poe’s imagination. Besides, you’ll see exhibits about Poe’s foster parents, his life and death in Baltimore and even read poems and stories he wrote.

Inside, there are amazing things like Poe’s chair, lap desk and telescope. The museum folks, called docents, are super friendly and can answer all your questions about his life.

Now, if you’re into Gothic literature and spooky fun, there’s something special called the 3rd Annual Black Cat Ball. It doesn’t happen at the museum, but it’s a fantastic way to spend Halloween. It takes place at the Mobtown Ballroom and you can go from 8 pm till midnight. So, if you are a Poe fan, this place is for you!

As you are now aware of, the 10 Best Things to do in Baltimore such as from sea animals at Inner Harbor to historic Fort McHenry, artsy wonders at The Walters and even a bit of spooky fun at Edgar Allan Poe’s house, Baltimore has it all. Visiting this city is like visiting a vast playground with something exciting for everyone. So, whether you enjoy science, art, athletics or simply having fun, Baltimore is the place to be. Grab your tickets, plan a ride and let the good times roll in Baltimore.

What is the specialty of Baltimore?

Crabs are quite popular in Baltimore! Several restaurants in the popular tourist region (between Harborplace and Fells Point) provide delicious steamed hard-shell crabs, soft-shell crabs and delicious lump backfin crab cakes. There are also businesses selling amazing crab-related items.

What is the famous street in Baltimore?

The Charle’s Street is famous in Baltimore. It begins in the historical village of Lutherville and travels through residential neighborhoods. It ultimately makes its way to the heart of Baltimore. Federal Hill Park also offers a stunning perspective of downtown Baltimore and the harbor.

Is Baltimore a foodie city?

Yes, Baltimore is a fantastic city for foodies! There are plenty of wonderful restaurants in the area. People in Baltimore appreciate testing new meals and they found wonderful dishes from all over the world. So, if you enjoy eating, Baltimore is a great place to visit!

Is Baltimore good for tourists?

Yes, Baltimore is fantastic for visitors! It has fun places to visit, such as the Inner Harbour, which features sea animals and enjoyable activities. There are old attractions like Fort McHenry as well as fascinating museums like The Walters. Baltimore is like a large playground with something for everyone to enjoy. So, if you’re thinking about taking a trip, Baltimore is a wonderful spot to go!

Is Baltimore an expensive city?

Baltimore might be pricey, depending on what you want to do. Some activities, such as visiting museums or parks, may be costly, but there are also many enjoyable and free options. You may have a fantastic time in Baltimore without spending much money if you plan carefully and make sensible choices. So, depending on your plans, it can be both affordable and expensive.


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